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For Sale: Hifiman HE-500 with HE-6 cable

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-500 with HE-6 cable

Will Ship To: UK + EU




Selling that pair in very good condition to fund HE-6. That's the original one with the box, and balanced OCC copper cable that comes with the HE-6 + Single ended adapter. 

Price include postage to anywhere in the UK. Add £10 for rest of Europe. (Paypal gifted please or cover the fee)


Update: As I was putting the original pads on (I prefer DT990 ones) I slightly damaged one of the plastic tab on the earcushion. I still managed to secure the pads and luckily they come with a spare and unused pad. I also noticed the copper cable started to oxidize near the headphone connectors, and I can't find the spare DIY connectors. I revised the price down.


Update 2: Just to make things clearer, the issue only concern one of the ear cushion and not the headphone itself.

Update 3: What appear as a crack on picture 3 is just fibre ( a piece of string)

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