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For Sale or Trade: denon 2000, graham slee voyager

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For Sale or Trade:
denon 2000, graham slee voyager

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Denon 2000...............great shape,,,,,,,,,,$200

miles davis tributes.....great shape..........$140 (will only sell or trade if i can get asg's somewhere)

graham slee voyager....good shape,,,,,,,,,,$175


looking for aurisonics asg-1's


buy phones+amp and ill knock off $25....shipping and paypal to USA included


ps...I bought all of these recently and just not what i was looking for, mainly portability wise on d2000 and amp (listing for same price or less than what i paid here, not trying to make money just recoup it is all)


photo's upon request

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Would you ship the Denons to Canada?

And yes, pictures would be nice :) Particularly if you could put your username on a slip of paper or something next to the headphones?

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Denons are spoken for unless i can sell as package with amp today.

Denon 2000 and voyager for 325 shipped
Mdt and voyager shipped 260
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denon and voyager pending


mdt still available

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