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For Sale: FS: Singlepower ES-1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Singlepower ES-1

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my Singlepower ES-1. This is a fully balanced unit with dual mono outboard power supply, large, dual toroidal transformers and dual volume controls. It was recently inspected for safety, tuned up and had some capacitor upgrades by a technician who used to work with Nelson Pass. I am selling as I primarily listen to speakers these days and sold my HE90's. The amp sounds great and I have never had a problem with it. PM me for further discussion if you are interested. Serious inquires only.

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It's a good thing there aren't any pictures in this listing or I wouldn't trust myself not to succumb. I love my MPX3...

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Pics forthcoming wink.gif.
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Please...don't...I'm begging you...frown.gif

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And my maxed out MPX3 is getting tuned up as we speak.....

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I bet you taunt kids with candy they can't have, dogs with bones that you never give them and zoo animals with food that is juuuuust out of reach, too. very_evil_smiley.gif


What does the Bible say about temptation? I always seem to forget that part...

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Haha! Honestly, I have been meaning to post some pics for some time. You just inspired me, so to speak. evil_smiley.gif

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Officially FS + price drop.

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