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My dog told me. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by JamesHuntington View Post

My dog told me. wink.gif

Was he the one hired to play on the first four albums?
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Wow! Those albums are the goods sent from the devil himself. They are pure and unchallenged by societal norms. As musicians go they aren't bad at all. Compared to most early blues musicians they are probably very educated, but they play from somewhere other than intellect. It took me a long time to like them. My Favorite albums are the first 4 or so. Master of reality and children of the grave have some gems that I'm glad I know.
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Well our front room is pretty much finished now aside from a few shelves and pictures.

So heres a few shots of my living/listening room...











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Cool stuff guys, like the vinyl overload Shaffer :D



Love my Harbeth SHL5 speakers..


This thread needs more pictures!

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Changed speaker position, much better, bin a struggle to get the cable under the floor and convince the wife, but now she's happy too :D


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Bedroom set-up, Lindy ldac pro > Samson db1800a > Samson servo 300> Magnat montior supreme 1000

Edifier s730 for tv and films.




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Good God man.. That sub is huge! Is that an 18"? Looks like or blocks a bunch of sound coming from the left channel.
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JBL ES80 reporting for duty.
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Adding my iPad 4 and CLAS / Boomslang to the mix with McIntosh AP1 Audio Player Vers1.0...

I can switch between DACs which is handy!

It's surprisingly clear and neutral!

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Originally Posted by JamesHuntington View Post

Maybe, but they did it first and got paid pretty well too.



Originally Posted by Shaffer View Post

Where are you getting this from?

I think it was a mistype, it should have read, "and got laid pretty well too."

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Current Speakers: Klipsch Reference Series

Current Subwoofer: Outlaw LFM-1 EX


Just bought: PSB Image T6 (towers) with Image C5 (center)  <-- living room

Just bought (shipping still): Aperion Audio Verus Grande series <-- theater room


Pending Purchase: JTR Captivator 2400 (subwoofer)


Photo showing the Image T6, my old Klipsch RB61 and the Outlaw LFM-1 EX.  Tiny speaker on ground (Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800)


I'm in the middle of moving to new house hence the mass purchasing of new speakers and why the photo shows other speakers just hanging in background.

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I switched from an old late 70's Pioneer SX-750 stereo receiver to a brand new Emotiva Mini-X A-100 amplifier. Here are some updated photos which include the new amp:





The biggest, most noticeable difference between the old SX-750 and the new Emotiva Mini-X is in the bass. The bass on the Mini-X sounds tighter and seems to extend deeper as well. It sounds like it's faster and hits harder, probably better transient response from the fresher and possibly better power supply. Both amps are rated for 50wpc at 8ohms, so it's not like the Emotiva is in a different league when it comes to power ratings.  


It might not look like much of a high end system, but it sure sounds like it. Here is the frequency response after a single bass trap and a bit of PEQ work. This was taken a few weeks ago with the SX-750 as the amp, I'm not sure if the bottom end actually measures differently with the Emotiva, I haven't measured it yet. 




I like a little bit of extra bass presence since I usually listen at a pretty low volume, usually between 65-80dB at my listening position, never higher than 90dB. 

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Nice use of that desk space. Very nice wink.gif
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Little update to my main system...

Just received my brand new Rega Ear MK1.
And relocated the Nad PP1 under the P3.

Next is a much needed and overdue Amplifier upgrade.

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