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Originally Posted by Paul Graham View Post

Love this! I believe I have seen this before over on AVForums?
How do the RS6's sound? Im considering upgrading from my BR2's later on to a set of M-A floor standers.
Thanks! I am not a member of AVForum, so I don't think you saw it there.

I love the sound of the RS6 speakers. I have no plans to change the out .
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It just keeps getting better. Up until a couple hours ago I had little rubber feet under the front of the speakers and a rolled up micro fiber cloth under the rears to angle them down. Well, the rubber feet weren't sticking very well and kept sliding back because of the angle I have them at. So after reading about people using blu-tack under their speakers I decided to use some non-hardening modeling clay that I had laying around and put a bead of it along the front and around the front corners of the speakers to help hold them in place. That seemed to be working well and it seemed to me like the sound had actually improved so I decided to make a couple giant balls with the same non-hardening clay and use that to tilt them down instead of the micro fiber cloths under the rears. 


The whole sound overall seems to have tightened up because of this, and everything just sounds a smidge clearer and more defined. The bass seems a bit tighter and seems to extend a hair deeper and seems to blend better with the subwoofer. I would say it's because the speakers are essentially glued in place and can't move even the slightest amount and I'd imagine the soft clay is also absorbing some vibrations that before were being transmitted into the shelf they are sitting on. The speakers are angled the exact same amount as before, I checked before and purposely set them to the same exact angle, so the angle is not the reason for the improved sound. I ordered some isolation pads similar to the Auralex Mopads earlier today, but I'm not even sure i'm going to try them at this point. I may use them for the surround speakers in my HT system instead. 


Here are a couple of pictures:



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Looking good. I have heard about using clay like that before, but it's not very practical for floor standers wink.gif
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Tannoy Canterbury SE's, Nottingham Space 294, Decware Zen Torii MKIII, AVA Super PAS 3I, MF M1DAC

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How delightfully redneck to put your speakers up on blocks :) 



Originally Posted by Douger333 View Post

Tannoy Canterbury SE's, Nottingham Space 294, Decware Zen Torii MKIII, AVA Super PAS 3I, MF M1DAC

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BWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Guilty... Transmission is shot and they won't move...  :)

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I always liked Tanny's just take so much floor space!

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I'm finally done with it.... at least for now.


The other bookshelf speaker off to the right is one of the rear/side surrounds for my HT system, so don't mind that. 


Used a real camera this time instead of my Galaxy S4. These should look a bit better. 






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I love humor and try not to get serious about it.  However, since there may be people reading this thread who are not so familiar with speaker setup, I have my Tannoys up on 6" blocks 

to get the tweeters at ear level. I am a slob, er, widower so I didn't make it pretty but it sounds truly engaging!

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Been a little while since I posted on here so heres some up to date pics of my system so far.

The Sony tuner is actually gutted and I installed the guts from a little Wharfdale compact DAB tuner.

Hense why I have what looks like two tuners lol.

The Cambridge Audio CD player is used mainly for headphones but sometimes I run it through the DACMagic to the rest of the system as 

its better with Classical then the 7SE is.

The Minidisc, 540c & My Macbook all run through the DACMagic.

Ive upgraded from the Rega R200 tonearm to a Mitchell Engineering RB300.


Next on my list is a decent phono stage, A Nagaoka MP11 cartridge and getting the Rega set up correctly.

Some stands for the Roth's and a more powerful headphone amp.


Other gear you see are a home made record clamp, various spiked feet and cables given to me by a few headfie'rs.



Very happy with it at the moment but I know its capable of better!



























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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

JMLab Mezzo Utopia and McIntosh stack.




I hate you.... :D

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Been living very simply. Topping TP-21 and some vintage-ish '79-80 MicroSonic MS-7 speakers. Got the speakers at good will for $4- to try with the amp and have very few complaints.
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I posted my setup on the listening-station thread but I guess it applies here too.  I'm still in my honeymoon period with the MMG's and think they are fantastic.  They are being powered by an older Sony ES receiver (not pictured).


One day I'll save up enough for an Adcom GFA555 or a Rotel-Integrated amp to do these guys justice.


The bookshelf speakers are Blumenstein Orca's, they are being powered by a DIY Budgie SE amplifier.  

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Here are my HS7's
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