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For Sale: IC: Koss PortaPro Red Hot

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For Sale:
IC: Koss PortaPro Red Hot

Will Ship To: CONUS

I've had these for a while but barely use them. They sound great, no problems technically. A few things worth mentioning:


- The headband adjustment is a bit loose (normal for used PP) but can still be easily adjusted and stay secure on your head and folds up nicely

- The pads are quarter modded

- The cable is re-terminated into a Rean chrome plug (more weight but looks better imo)

- The comfortzone buttons are hard to move, they stay on Firm now, I have no problems with that though


Will post pics later when I can grab my camera but aside from normal wears, they looks good. Headphones only, I don't have the pouch.


Shipping and paypal (if not gifted) are not included. I'm open to offers but not too low otherwise I'll just keep them, pretty rare after all :)


Thanks for looking.

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Replied. Sale pending.

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