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Originally Posted by olor1n View Post

The M51 went up in price in Australia. Still cheaper than elsewhere though.


YEah sorry. Forgot to mention the price increase is in AU and NZ. Yes, still cheaper than other places. 


olor1n, did you manage to sell your mjolnir and NAD M51?

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No. Couldn't part with them in the end.
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Any word on a possible black unit?


This is NAD signature color. They have been making amps in whites for their high end line in a long time:



S300 is an amp I have been eyeing as long as I can

remember. By the time I got enough cash to buy it,

they pull it off the shelf. This sounds incredibly punchy through 

the most difficult speaker loads you have.

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Hey there NAD M51 owners!


Is anyone using a Mac Mini and using the HDMI as the main audio out? If yes, what is it being detected as? I can see an HDMI connected but it is somehow limited to 96k. Is that the maximum it will go?


Also, the audio does not seem to want to go through if the HDMI is the main video output. Once I plugged in a mini DV output, the HDMI audio appeared. It is also automatically outputting to two monitors, one via the mini dv and the other to the HDMI that is hooked up to the NAD.

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Managed to use the HDMI-in and the HDMI-out on the M51 using a PS3 with audio coming through the NAD. Trying to replicate that, but somehow, I'm not making any progress. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!

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It works well in my setup: ps3 to m51 to amp to speakers. Great sound, however, I think one of my HDMI inputs went bad. Have you tried both inputs?
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Yeah, it works fantastic with my PS3 and the Sony Blu-ray player I use to play CDs. Both port work fine.


It's just when I plug in the MacMini thats the problem. it still works, but a.) I don't get audio if the HDMI is the only video-audio output I use and b.) when I use the miniDV output video, I get HDMI audio but only max 96k. Not that I have a lot of 192k material, but it would be good to know I can get it - if it's possible on HDMI. 


Can't seem to find much info about how it should be on HDMI. The search continues. :o

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Just recently upgrade to the NAD M51 from EE Minimax, the low end on the M51 is very impressive. Hope it continues to impress!

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Congrats. How's the pairing with the LS50? Those speakers will be my next audio purchase.

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If it is not obvious, I am new to the site. I wanted a Dac with volume control. I have read quite a bit of the thread, and it is your site which convinced me to buy the M51. It sounds great.  I have been using the following configuration:


Sonos ZP80 fixed output  - NAD M51 V1.42 - Audire Forte Amp - Boston Accoustics A400 Speakers


I am currently using the Coaxial output from Sonos. The M51 seemingly randomly in mid sentence goes into standby while playing music or podcasts. The Sonos controller still shows that the source is playing, and when I press the On button, the M51 starts playing again. I have also noticed the issue happened a few times  through an optical cable. Please help.


Has anybody else noticed their unit going into standby while their source is active?

Is there a way to disable standby mode?


Please let me know.



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That does not sound normal. I would contact NAD or your dealer.
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Thanks Woodcans.


I swapped back to Optical, and the M51 went into standby after several songs. I have not seen V1.42 mentioned here. I decided to use the rar file from the thread and install V1.39. Thanks to the member for providing it! So far the unit has not gone into standby. I will not go so far as to say my issue was V1.42, because of the reset part of the process. Could be I accidently changed something. I should have done a reset before as a test. Oh well, here is hoping my issue is solved.


I still would like to know if I can disable the standby feature?

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If you can, I don't know how. Glad it's working!
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Originally Posted by olor1n View Post

Congrats. How's the pairing with the LS50? Those speakers will be my next audio purchase.

LS50 pairs nicely with the M51. Low end so much more refined compared with ushers s520s, seem to fill the room much easier too. Too early to judge as I am still using my basic Cambridge am10 integrated amp. My JOB should be here by Monday, I'll have proper critical listen then.
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I am going to go out on a limb, and say there is something different with how V1.42 handles the standby mode. It caused a problem when fed by my Sonos ZP80. I have not had any "false" standby switches since putting V1.39 on.


Edit: 12/22 I hope it is ok to add to a post. I downloaded V1.41 from the NAD website. With it installed, there has not been any premature Standby switches. I want to thank NAD for making it easy to update their firmware.

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