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Originally Posted by Lev Ahriman View Post

No hdmi signal pass through if the unit in standby? 
Originally Posted by WDitters View Post

Aside from the fact that there is only video pass-through on the M51, you are indeed correct in your assumption. When in standby there is no pass-through at all.
Originally Posted by thomascrown View Post

That and even when your m51 is on, but you have selected another source

I know this discussion is like a year old now. But just an FYI that while I know there are countless HDMI splitters, I HIGHLY recommend the "HD Fury 4k Integral" not only to split or switch HDMI but also to dial in whatever feature, encoding and HDCP encryption capability I want between source and destination. I own 3.

With it you don't need to rely on HDMI passthru. You can run the dac in parallel to the next device with full audio/video going to both. And you can use a smartphone app to tweek the video and/or audio signal, like force 2-channel or 5.1-channel audio from the source, and oodles of other stuff.

Seems the Amazon seller I bought mine from is out of them. There was a legal action against the manufacturer over the HDCP overriding it can force; not sure if there is an injunction over its sale now. If you can find it sold somewhere, get it.
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Originally Posted by m8o View Post

So me, prospective buyer again...

What attracts me most to this is the stereophile measurement's undithered sinewave is so pristine. Most dacs have a dozen or two small zigzags riding the sine wave. Which to me denotes that 'digital sheen' sound.

Is the M51 as 'analog sounding' as that sinewave graph implies it should be? Thanx.


Personally yes, I really like this DAC. Get it in front of a good pre/power combo and feed it high res files and I think it punches way above it's price point, to be cliched. I feed mine with the NAD Masters series M50/M52 combo, and the DAC feeds my Pass Labs X2.5 pre and X250.5 power amp. I run a Chord Hugo TT head-fi setup and I have tried the TT in place of the M51 in my lounge - the M51 comes pretty close, IMO, and looks far more like a HiFi item than the TT while doing so (not bashing the TT, I know what it was designed for and I use it as such). 


Great DAC for the money the M51. Very transparent, which is what I am into.

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