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the oppo 105 is not bad and i can live with it if it was my main dac- in fact its the one i use for the speaker set up along with a decware csp2+ preamp and it does a great job for the price - and u also eliminate the use of pc and jriver, i play it thru straight from oppo 105 usb where u connect your flac files thru external hard drive , then u connect a monitor to see the folders and such  .

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Originally Posted by pearljam50000 View Post

So is the C510 a repackaged M51?

I doubt NAD would admit it anytime soon if true, and the marketing blurbs look a bit different (the C510 does not specifically mentioned the engine processing power or the 800-odd KHz sample rate talked about for the M51, referring only to the 35-bit architecture).  But as the specs and the rear ends look very close to identical, and with a new Masters series DAC replacing the M51, it would seem very smart to just transition the older-but-still-great internals to a cheaper price point. But who knows, it could very well be that the C510 has been downgraded somehow, possibly cheaper components or different power supply (but the listed specs including power consumption are pretty much identical) - we'll probably need to wait until someone gets one and takes it apart in order to confirm.

But if the C510 is just an M51 in a slightly uglier casing but a volume knob and 12V trigger out added?  For $1300...that is stupid good. 

(For the record the volume knob certainly makes the new faceplate look less sleek...but at least you can adjust the volume if someone accidentally took your remote to the can, or you forgot to buy new batteries.  :p

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I think the big differences among the C510, the M51 and the M12, in addition to those noted are the casework and the face mounted volume control.

I do think NAD has struck a nice balance between PCM and DSD and in that regard has a market.
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Add the 12v trigger...

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On the paper C510 is better than M51.

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