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UM3X RC vs. SM3 v2

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Which is better, the Westone UM3X RC or the Earsonic SM3 v2?


I am looking for new IEMs, and these two seem to be some of the best in my price range (under 400).


I would like some input on the different signatures of these monitors, the comfort and fit in the ear, the recommended tips, if you would you recommend an amp, the durability of the monitors, the hardware in general, the accessories that come with each of them, or anything else. Feel free to recommend a different IEM altogether. 


I would be using these to listen to music, produce electronic music, and to DJ. I listen to electronic (70%), rock (30%), and classical (10%). I need these monitors to last a long time. 


Thank you, and feel free to ask any questions. 

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I have both of these, but am no expert on sound.  I highly prefer the sound of the UM3XRC, just sounds significantly better, fuller to me.  Very comfortable and easier to fit than the SM3 v2 as well.  Used Shure olives, no amping.


For the record, also have the SE535 and IE8.  UM3X is still my fav, then SE535.


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For electronic and rock sm3 is much better than um3x, because of the bass and separation degree

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Originally Posted by locomoon View Post

For electronic and rock sm3 is much better than um3x, because of the bass and separation degree

Just in the interest of clarity, do you own or have you spent time listening to both of these IEMs?


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I owned sm3 v1 and curently own the um3x rc...

Both are outstanding as far as sound quality I can't really fault either too much it just comes down to preference. 

But I feel the um3x rc, for me was way more comfortable at times I forget I am even wearing iem's.


as far as durability , the sm3 wire became an issue and the right channel kept cutting on and off.

I sent it to France, but it got lost in the mail.  Hence I decided to only buy with a removable cable and ended up with the um3x  and have been very happy with it.

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