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Oh....I hate these questions but at the moment, it's Electronic (currently in love with Madeon). Really, I love any kind of music as long as I'm feeling it. 

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Favorite genre is probably pop but I'm starting to really like some house and dubstep too!

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My first love has always been hip-hop and I got a pair of Beats in a promo giveaway. Lately been getting into dubstep and D&B also. Basically I'm a basshead haha would love to try these new headphones out and see if they can out-bump the Beats!!! 

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I like to listen to Metal j-pop

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Love Electronic, Pop....some Rock.  Do not own Beats....never really had an interest in buying them....like the Spiders!

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Trance & House with a splash of Dub here.

Let's see if the Spider can take on some of the mid-tier bass headphones.


Total basshead.




Citizen, in Florida.


Very best,

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I'm a big fan of stoner metal (think Electric Wizard), and most every subgenre of electronica (in love with SBTRKT right now!)




Hope I can help review :)

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Hello, I am new to this forum and stumbled upon this contest thread. I just joined and was looking for a recommendation on good full-size headphones for ROCK. I love rock music. I enjoy rock from the late 50's all the way to the current era. Although I'm just into my early 20's, I find that I relate more often to music bred prior to my generation than I do most modern rock. There's more flavor in soul in old rock and roll. I found a pair of old studio monitors while at work and plugged them into my computer to listen to music while I worked and the quality just blew me away - AND THESE ARE OLD!!! I would really like to have a nice new pair of headphones made for rock music so that I can hear every note and beat. I mostly just came here to ogle at stuff that I can't afford, but I would really appreciate an opportunity to win a nice pair of headphones like this. They look cool too! :-0

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Hmmm these seem perfect. I hate beats (whenever I see kids at my school wearing them I cringe) with a passion, they sound terrible and sound like someone is farting in my ear when the bass goes off. One guy was listening to them in class and complementing the Beats' bass and I simply said "can you even hear the vocals of the song...?" He replies "yeah a little but the bass is all the matters!" I really wanted to slap him but I refrained haha.I love hip hop and atleast 3/4 of my library is hip hop music. Tbh I love all music but I cant go without my hiphop haha. Either way win these or not if the reviews are good and the price isnt too bad I will definitely pick some up!

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I love bass! Bass, bass, tight, deep and clear. I own a pair of beats. To be honest the beats got me into this audiophile hobby. I though the beats were a great sounding headphones and that the sound could not get any better, but boy was i was quickly wrong and here I am searching/journey for the perfect headphones. smily_headphones1.gif
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Favorite genre? Jazz, actually Jazz piano. However I derive a lot of enjoyment from House and Hip Hop (Dirty South Style). Not to mention Chillout and Vocal Trance.

Ergo I listen to a lot of Thelonious Monk, Jazzanova, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, OutKast/BigBoi/CunninLynguists, etc.


Listened to Beats, felt very "meh".


Definitely a Basshead, as all my headphones are closed, and lean on the bass side (Denon D5000 and Ultrasone PRO 900).

Thanks for doing this!


Citizen of U.S. (Minnesota)





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Into Hip-Hop and Electronic music.  I've tried the beats, but thought they were overpriced for what they are.

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Electronic for bass!

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My Favorite Genre is Rock

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