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Favorite genre is definitely Electronic with vocals at the moment.

As someone else asked, are these circum-aural or supra-aural headphones?

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Boo Hoo... too bad, i am in South Africa.


I am a big all rounder with music too.


Electronic(Dubstep, Drum&bass, Psytrance) - Skrillex, PrototypeRaptor, Pendulum, Infected Mushroom

Rock- Cage the Elephant, RHCP, many many many more, too many to name

Hip Hop, Rap- Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake



:P anyway good luck with the competition

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They have style! 


Favorite genre: 1960's ish rock.  No Beats or Souls--but have beat and soul.

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Favorite Genre:  Changes by the second...I listen to everything I can get my grubby hands on.  Lately it's been some various sub-genre of metal but if I get the urge, it could be some old jazz records.  Interested in breaking into some hi-fi equipment (just hope my wallet can take the addiction). :P

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My current favorite genre is probably soul music followed by electronic with similar vibes.  I listen to just about every genre imaginable.  Not a fan of classical music for the most part though.  


I am very familiar with the beats line and what it does and does not do well.

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Definitely have to hand the favorite genre to electronica. Trance, happy hardcore, hardstyle, down-tempo trip hop, drum'n'bass, dubstep; it's pretty much 80% of what I listen to. Hip hop and alternative make up the other 20% or so. I have a pair of beats easily accessible to me (as well as a pair of SOL Republic Tracks, if you're interested in that comparison). Would love to do a review, thanks!

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Genre: trip-hop (at the moment) or jazzy hip-hop


I own beats solo (gave them to sis cause i hate them)

hd 598 <--- awesome for price imo and classical

d7000 <---- go to cans for all my music except classical


I'd love to try them out and spread the word



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my favorite genre of music is jazz (bop)

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My favorite Genre is a sub form of Rock called Fusion.  I would love to give this set a try and review it for the community.  I don't own the Beats or Soul but I've heard both of them often enough to judge.



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My favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop and I listen to a great deal of Electronic (dubstep, trance, techno), Pop, and Rock (classic and indie).


I also have Sennheiser HD 228s, 238s, Klipsch Image One headphones and the Audio-Technica M50 to serve as a basis of comparison as well as some higher end open sets.

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I listen to all genres, but if you had to pick a "favorite" just from the shear amount of music I have accumulated, you could say my "favorite" is metal.


Never owned a pair of Beats, but I have heard them. I wish I hadn't.

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My favorite genres right now are alternative rock, triphop, and modern jazz.

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My favorite Genres are Pop, Rock, Country, and Classical. Im very flexible with what i listen to ksc75smile.gif

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I listen to mostly electronic, but have an eclectic library of music at home. Favorite genres include house, trance, and some drum n bass and dubstep.


Current artists constantly on my player (electronic):

Tiesto, Avicii, Noisia, Armin van Buuren, Datsik & Excision, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Wolfgang Gartner, Afrojack, Martin Solveig


I don't own any Beats but my brother who lives with me owns Beats Studios and Beats Tours.


A list of headphones I own is in my signature.



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It's kind of hard to pick favorites out of my rather sizable collection--I'm going to need a new hard drive if I get into another genre--but my favorite genres are indie, pop European metal, rock, and various forms of electronic.Indie and electronic are the genres I listen to most though.


If you want specifics, the indie stuff I listen to a few of its subgenres like indie-pop--kinda like Apples in Stereo, Metric, The Postal Service, Stars, and tUnE-yArDs--and indie-folk like The Tallest Man on Earth, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Decemberists. 


Metal is stuff like Pavor, Bathory, and Therion.


For rock, frankly, I don't know how exactly to subdivide this nor have I really delved into the more awesome bands that most people haven't heard of, so I have your typical listener's perspective of rock which is Tool, Blues Traveler, The Flaming Lips, and such.


Electronic, well, there's too much to list. tongue_smile.gif


I loved your TinyEars and I'm pretty much positive that the Powerforces sound equally fantastic! I tried to write a review of the TinyEars, but my sister kind of stole them. Shame, since they're fantastic for rock and I've recommended them to a lot of people




In terms of easily accessable consumer-type headphones, I have a Klipsch Image One and Philips "The Stretch" along with (sadly) easy accessability to a pair of Beats if needed (I made a quick and dirty writeup about all of them an a different website for people considering them: 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Here's what I think of the Solos: The Solos successfully give you neither deep bass nor clear sound. They're probably the worst value anywhere Even for $30 they'd be a sketchy buy since they sound so hilariously bad. I didn't really like my Klipsch Image Ones stock-it was so muddy that I've seen cleaner pigs, and they still handily beat the Solos. I don't mind the Studios or Pros, but the Solos are a crime to aural cavities everywhere. I preferred the JVC Marshmallows to them. They're a $5 earphone. The Solos are that tragically horrible. I could go on for hours about how much of an embarrassment to the hobby the Solos are, being outclassed by even Monster's cheapest products, but I'll save my time. But seriously, don't ever consider them.


The Mixrs are more of a disappointment to me than the Solos because they could have actually been the first Beats headphone I'd consider buying for myself since they admittedly look really nice and sturdy. They sound a bit clearer than the Solos (but there isn't too much that isn't) but there's a bit of a problem with that. They have the most unnatural midrange I've ever heard from a headphone priced over $20. It makes any type of vocals sound so nasaly that I'm afraid to listen to a singer whose voice is nasal to begin with. The midrange was my main issue with the Pros and the Mixrs take that issue and up that to a hilariously bad level. Seriously, I highly discourage anyone who listens to non-electronic or podcasts to buy these. Heck, even for electronic, they're less than stellar. Their bass sounds thick, but in a way that leaves you feeling dissatisfied because of fact that it sounds off and isn't all that impactful in the grand scheme of things. It just sounds like mud. Treble's as bad as the mids. It's just ick on a stick--or a headband. 

The Studios are a bit of an embarrassment too. They're touted as being "what the artist intended." That's cool, if the only thing you will listen to is rap for the rest of your life. What does Dre know about Miles Davis? Do you really think Miles wanted the string bass to be louder than his trumpet? The Studios sound nothing like real life. Frankly,I've never head a headphone that sounds like real life. The closest I've ever gotten was the $700 Hifiman HE500, and they still didn't sound like real life. If they were marketed as a bassy headphone, I'd be fine with that, but the last thing we need is a bunch of teenie boppers who think bass is the only thing important with the sound mastering the music of the future. That's what Beats are essentially doing, and they're killing the music industry with that. In addition, they're advertised as having deep bass. No they don't. They don't even reach past 30hz, which I barely consider deep. They have midbass, which absolutely any headphone can provide. Don't even get me started on their midrange and treble. I don't mind how they sound, it's just that they sound like $50 headphones with a $300 price tag. 

The Pros are really only worth about $150 when it comes to sound. They sound fun, but they sound completely unnatural in a way that most people would find pleasing. And I can't really fault them on that. However, I find that they're the weirdest sounding headphones ever. They don't sound bad per say, but they sound like every single frequency was EQ'ed upwards. The sound is completely hyped in a way that's almost indescribable. The bass is boomy, yet doesn't explode onto the mids, the mids sound sharp (as in tuning; an A sounds like an A#, a B-B#, and so on) and the treble is bordering on strident. Again, they aren't terrible headphones, but as with everything else in the Beats range, they're more form than function. Look at other options before buying them. Although I will admit that the $200 they sell for at the Monster Refurbished Store isn't terrible. I'd take an Ultrasone or Sony XB1000 over them, but if you absolutely MUST get Beats because of vanity or something...


. My other headphones are in my profile. While I'm a self-professed mid-range freak (I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT48's for God's sakes), I'm also a really bad closet basshead. I've been lusting after a Sony XB1000 for a while.

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