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I love Rock, Jazz and hip hop. But I have nothing to compare it to or have own something close to this, so reviewing this might be a problem.

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God that sounds perfect. I pretty much transcend all genres except for electronica. I'd probably say hip hop is my favorite though since I grew up when it was just starting out. It'd be nice to have an "all in one" headphone so I don't have to switch it out when I switch from hip-hop to something like indie. Also own some Beats from back when I just started getting into headphones and made an impulse buy.


Thanks a lot for this awesome opportunity, you guys rock.

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I don't qualify as I'm a french/UK resident.


But I listen to trance & r'n'b (incl dre's music)

I have demoed and listened to beats by dre, and despise them now.

Never owned it them though as I'm not THAT stupid :P


Good luck to all.


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My new favorite genre is positive hits.

I took a listen to beats in BB and wow my ears were almost crushed by the bass, which was not to my liking. I prefer crisp highs and defined bass, not booooom bass! 

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Giveaway's today



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Hello all, been scouring the forums for months but just decided to join today.  Still dipping my toe in the hi-fi waters and would love to try the Spider Powerforce Headphones.  I don't own Beats anymore, but have easy access to them as I gave them to my sister after I was disappointed with the product.  I currently own a Sennheiser HD 558 and an Audio Technica ATH-M50 to also compare them to.  I'd love to try these headphones out as they definitely have enough flash for my liking, but I'm optimistic for the substance behind the headphones.  I live in the U.S. and my favorite genre of music is pretty much anything.  Soul, Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Extreme Metal, Punk Rock, R & B.  I'll be envious of everyone who gets to try these, get luck everyone.

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Favorite genre is balearic. 

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I love Electronic music. I especially like Moog music like 'Bachbusters' Tomita's Planets' and Mr. and then Ms. Wendy's performances. 


I also own the Dr. Dre 'Detox' headphones.  I have reviewed headphones (i.e. In Ear Monitors) that you can view here on Head-Fi as well as Amazon and other headphone sites.  I would love to evaluate your Spider headphone and especially compare it with Dr, Dre's premium product.  I must admit that I am not overwhelmed with Dr. Dre's product offering.  I will however, make a sincere attempt at comparing that product with yours.


Looking forward to hearing back from you.  Ron Wilson 

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favorite at the moment electronic, chillout.

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classic  rock

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Am I too late?


Electronic, currently.


(but also indie, alternative, classical, jazz)

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Have the winners been selected? Nothing in the OP suggests they have thus far.



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Winner list has come out on first post!

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Looks like I made the list, yay!


Address PM'd.

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