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Enter to win Spider First Headphone "PowerForce"

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Spider PowerForce Headphone Giveaway Contest

Retail $129.99





Here are the winners, we will receive our first production samples around end of April, the winners can expect to receive it at the beginning of May.






Due to participants are greater than we expected, in order to let more people to enjoy this amazing headphone, Spider decided to come up with a special appreciation price for 25 more people. For those 25 people, you only need to pay $69.99 + shipping (may varied from $5 to $10), after you write a review for this headphone, if you decided not to keep it, you can ship it back and we will refund your money. Here is the list of those 25 people we chose,



KG Jag
Big Poppa


Product Overview:


Close your eyes and experience the potent impact of a bass guitar or drum, the searing emotion of a passionate vocal, the raw edges of a rock band in full flight. Music lovers know that their favorite sounds are best enjoyed with headphones, and Spider’s PowerForce delivers it all – in comfort and style.
PowerForce faithfully reproduces the full audio spectrum in no-nonsense terms, allowing music to be heard the way the artist and engineer intended. Bass? You’ll both hear and feel the all-important bottom end, but it won’t bury the snap of a snare drum, the shimmer of a cymbal, the delicate touch of fingertips on an acoustic guitar string.
Other headphones try to do what PowerForce does – and at a higher price. Don’t be fooled into paying for a name and not the sound. Tune out the world and tune into PowerForce – the power of music unleashed.
Product Feature:
  • Designed for audiophiles by audiophiles
  • 10 - 22K Hz frequency response reproduces the lowest lows and highest highs
  • 4 directional ear cups ensure the most comfortable fit.
  • Super-soft ear cushions feel comfortable even after hours of wearing
  • Premium memory foam helps to block outside ambient noise and provides a quiet environment.
  • Cable lock function makes sure the music does not stop while you are active.
  • Rugged yet lightweight
Product Spec:


  • Driver Size: 40mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance – 32 ohm
  • Frequency Response – 10 - 22K Hz
  • Sensitivity – 105 dB

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Great! how do i enter? =)

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My favorite genre is pop

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Please leave your favorite music genre or if you have Beats or Soul

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Keep up the good work!!!


I suppose this giveaway is only valid within USA like the other Spider promos. :(


Good luck to all!!  Hopefully this powerforce will give the Skullcandy Mixmaster a run for its money.

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Don't be disappointed, we will launch some giveaway in Australia soon since Noisy Motel is interested in carrying Spider products.

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Pop, did I win :D? 

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Yeah, they were impressed by the Spider Realvoice IEM when they were at CES I think.


Good to hear!!!

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Originally Posted by Spidercable View Post

Don't be disappointed, we will launch some giveaway in Australia soon since Noisy Motel is interested in carrying Spider products.

How about for those who live in Asia beside Taiwan such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore..........?

Is there any chance to enter this contest.........?

thanks before......

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I love electronic music! Specifically melodic dubstep, progressive house and DnB (Drum and Bass). I'm also into hiphop/rap but if I have to choose one, I'd go electronic. You've mentioned bass several times, and that's what I'm looking for. I've got a pair of easily accessible Beats and a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's, which have similar specifications to this, so I want to see how this will fair. 

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One of my favorite music genres trip hop.   Would be awesome to test those cans out

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Funk, soul, reggae and good ole' Rock and Roll baby!cool.gif

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Thanks for the offer. My favorite genre is Rock.

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Is the PowerForce supra aural or circumaural?

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For many of us, our moods often dictate the sounds we listen to, and music is a reflection of our personality. Sometimes i am analytical when i listen to music. I listen to Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, and Robert Johnson when i want to retrace the roots of the blues; Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Little Richard, and James Brown when i want some soul. Sometimes i am in a dancing mood, and nothing satisfies my ear more than listening to some heavy beats. When i want to satisfy my ears with bass, i listen to Electro-Hop which is a fusion of hip hop, house, and electronica. The combination of deep lows counter balanced by clean crisp highs is sublime to me.

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