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PAX East 2012

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So the Penny Arcade Expo (east) is just a few weeks out and there are going to be some excellent game demos and tournaments going on. Anyone here attending? I'll be there all weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the games on the Indie Showcase.



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My wife and I have been going since the inception of the Eastern expo - we got our 3 day passes in the mail just a few days ago :D 

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Yup, I just got mine the other day. It'll be my first PAX, so I'm really stoked to go. Thankfully I'm attending with a Boston native, so I kind of have my own personal guide to the area too :p And what annoys me is I want to hit every concert that they throw, with the exception of the Protomen. I really love their music, but the last time they were in the area their live show wasn't impressive.

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We tend to avoid the concerts - the music just sucks, and they crank it up louder than The Who

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I went last year to Pax East and I went to vanilla Pax back in 2009. I REALLY wish I could attend this year but obligations are weighing me down. I just hope the folks at Penny Arcade keep it the way it is. It really is a great convention. In any case, as far as concerts go, I thought Armcannon was great last year. 

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Does anyone want to buy a pair of 3 day passes?  Work just made it impossible for me to go :( 

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