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Which Earpads for T50-RP?

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I'm looking to get the Stax pads for my T50-RP's, but they have two very similar models on their website and I can't figure out which ones are the ones people have been using to mod them, I'm leaning toward the $160 one as the correct ones but I'm not sure.


http://staxusa.com/Parts/Ear-Pads/STAX-EP-007-EarPad.html $160


http://staxusa.com/Parts/Ear-Pads/STAX-SR-007-Earpad.html   $130



Also if there are any earpads like the ones one Beyer DT990 premiums that also fit give me a heads up. Also if you have any other earpad suggestions that fit please post it. Only reason I'm going with the 02 pads is because others such as shure's appear to be mediocre.

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anyone? c'mon man, need to order some, stock pads are uncomfortable.

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I'm ordering a set of Shure 1840 velour earpads for these. Can't take the pleather as it gets uncomfortable when you start sweating...

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