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For Sale:
IC: Stax SR-009 + Woo Audio WES (Black)

Will Ship To: Anywhere




I know I will regret this but eventhough this combo sounds fantastic and by that I mean the best I heard in my years of headphones hunting I can't justify keeping such expensive toys with the little time I will be using them.


The WES is brand new, it was delivered 2 weeks ago, it's a stock unit priced at 4'990$ + 220$ of Fedex shipping to EU, all the accessories, including the manual and original boxes are available, it will be shipped in two different parcel, one for the amp and one for the PSU, there's a one month waiting time on the WES so it's an opportunity to get one fast.


The Stax SR-009 I bought from the forum, I paid 4'200$ + 2% paypal fees and half shipping, previous owner used them very lightly and they arrived at my house like new, original box, double boxing all included, the headphones are flawless, including the leather on the earpads and the headband, I have an SPL meter at home and measured them for channel imbalance, no problem whatsoever.


Delivered those 2 costed me more than 9'500$, ideally I would like to send everything to the same home but I'm open to a seperate sale.


8'500$ for the bundle


4'500$ for the WES


4'000$ for the SR-009

(Fixed price)


In this price I will include shipping anywhere in the world (* see below), I would rather do bank to bank transfer, but I'm open to Paypal if you want to cover the fees.


I will do my best to make the buyer feel as comfortable as possible, including using Skype, sharing ID but you can start by checking my flawless feedback here.


To answer some frequently asked question I received:


- Item are in Switzerland, so geographically in Europe but from a custom standpoint Switzerland is not part of EU.


- I can send as gift and/or low value but this means you're taking full responsability


- For now I will sell the items as a bundle only, if after a few weeks there's still no interest I will consider splitting them


- I will give priority to someone in EU due to the high shipping cost, if you're in Asia/USA/Middle East I might ask you to cover some of the fees



Thanks for looking



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