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For Sale:
W5000 leather pads and W1000X pleather pads

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of W5000 leather pads up for sale.. recently purchased from a fellow head-fier. I got them as new and only used them for two days in total of less than 10 hours. The attached photo is from that purchase and it is still in the exact same condition. They are slightly larger than the other W series pads. So they fit AD900, AD2000 and other headphones that will not be able to use other W series pads. But they also fit other W series too, like the W1000X, W1000, and etc. They will be a little bit larger though and the inner diameter is also larger, making them perfect for people who have slightly larger ears. They are a lot more comfortable than the pleather pads and they cooler during prolonged usage. Using these pads IMO also enhances the sound signature for me. They push the mids back a little and give the bass more authority which I find pleasant. The original price on Audio Cubes II is $99.99+15 for shipping. I'm asking shipped + Paypal fee. No longer up for sale


I also have a pair of W1000X pads. They are pleather, synthetic leather; however, they are probably the best pleather pads you can find. It was made so well that there were arguments whether they are pleather or not before the AT translated its product description into English. They are regular W series sized which means they will fit all W series except W5000 and some other AT cans with similar sized pads. These are used for roughly 4 month. They are cleaned using disinfectant tissue every couple days. I do take shower everyday, live in a smoke free, children free, pet free environment. They are close to new, but because they are used so I rate it 8/10. They are sold by Bluetin for $49.99+20 tracked shipping. I'm asking  shipped + Paypal fee


If bundled I will take shipped including paypal fee.

For international shipping, buyer pays the extra cost.


Will add more photos later.



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