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Souls vs Beats vs Chambers

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I will be mainly listening to Hard Rock, Screamo, metalcore, some hip hop, hardstyle, dubstep, and other electronic dance music genres. Out of the Chambers by rza, beats by dre studios and souls by ludacris SL300's, which would be the best? I understand that the price of these headphones includes the style and name to them. I'm alright with it.
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eh... please don't.... with that money you can get ATH-M50, V-Moda M80, Sony MDR XB700/XB1000, AKG 240M, Sennheiser HD-25 and much more.... and more importantly.. they are all better than the ones you listed... for sound signature, just use the search bar above..

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Oh gawd you shouldn't be on this forum if those brands are what you're looking at.....

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go look at ultrasons

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don't be so harsh.. they have to start some where.. at least they are better than apple buds..



ah.. forgot ultrasone... might be out of the $200 price range though..

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A place like b&h has them for a good deal cheaper than the msrp 

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I own the Beats Tours and Powerbeats, Klipsch s4's, and Velodyne V Pulse.


But I cant stop listening to my JVC Extreme Explosive XX's for the life of me. And they cost me $29

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and ultrasons(and the other headphones mentioned on the thread) sound far better than beats or soul or any other fasion headphone I can think of at the moment. but if you want something made of cheap crap quality creaky plastic too put on your head and way sub par audio for the price just because it has some rapers name on it be my guest and throw some money away because if you want something that looks nice too wear on your head buy a hat.

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so you want around ear closed headphones? or are you open to other things like on ear headphones,open headphones, or a pair of iem? 

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any of the ones I listed have better sound quality AND built quality than the "hype" headphones. There was a video on youtube that shows a guy making his friend taking off and putting on the Beats Solo until it broke... it only took three tries... The video is now deleted.. I guess the person got flamed by Beats lovers.. lol..


I had a Beats Tour... someone gave me as a gift.. out of curiosity I tried it... the left driver blew before I even burned it in, but it didn't make much difference.. since it sounded horrible to begin with... bloated bass/sub bass, muddy mids, highs non-exist and obvious distortion over most of the frequency range... bad bad bad and they cost $150....

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^^^^x2 on what e19650826 said^^^^

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I owned beats tours before I came here genuine instore purchased, first IEM I bought for this hobby, I thought to myself for this much money I'm going to be straight up the top in audio heaven also contributing to Dr Dre who I am/was a big fan of. Only after I heard them, after I arrived home that feeling of spending $200 wore off pretty quickly, trying to make the most of every moment I tried to like them. Not long after after I realized I'd been HAD!. I'd been ripped off $200 from one of my number one celebrity's!

I tried to ignore the screeching highs for weeks reading all the bad reviews and utube videos, the Dre bashing until I couldn't handle it anymore. I sold them to some poor soul on ebay. If they sounded great I would still own them. I now own a $35 pair of SoundMAGIC E10 and CX 300 ii and couldn't believe the sound that comes from these compared to the tours. For the first time I could listen relax and enjoy music without creating a fake liking. What we're saying is for the price of these over marketed  products (yes Monster we're looking at you) one can enjoy an absolutely wonderful pair of IEM's feeling assured you spend the money right. Take it from people who owned the product, learn before making the same mistake. By all means they aren't terrible but for the money you can buy a much better sounding IEM.

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the only Chambers i know is the drummer,the best or one of the best,ever.

anyway,at 200  bucks there is already many product to chose from,in my little experience you could add the DT990 pro 250 ohms to your possible buy,it pair very well your genres,the mids really are a little behind but still clear distinguish..

beats and ludacris are not popular here,honestly do let be trolled by the name of celebrity,ph34r.gif,stay sharp.

from all that i did read around about them there should be a lot of better driver for that same value,ask on the dedicated thread on head-fi about headphones.


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You might be interested in reading this.

And no, I don't recommend Celeb cans.

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The dt990s are great headphones but I dont know if open headphones would be a problem.

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