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For Sale or Trade: Sennheiser Cx980 with Palic Plug

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For Sale or Trade:
Sennheiser Cx980 with Palic Plug

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've just recently picked up a pair of these, they were more of an impulse buy considering I don't really need any more iems. 


I thought they were pretty good, with unbelievable amounts of bass coming from an earbud type design and adequate instrumental separation.


However, the reason why I'm listing them so cheaply is because the cable has been re-terminated and shortened, considerably so. So you'll need an extension cable if you wish to keep your ipod/dap at waist height. Which I can provide if interested, it'll cost a tiny bit extra though. 

These also come with white balanced eartips and are not in bad shape at all. No real cosmetic problems: the metal parts are sturdy and the cable is resilient, though displaying a tad bit of kink.

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PM sent

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PM sent. Ready to purchase!

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