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It's getting serious out here!


"Disappointed expectations but thanks anyway."  "I knew this was a train wreck in the making.  More like ZERO credibility than "ZERO comparison"."


I'm impressed with all the sarcasm, character assassination, pride, and ingratitude rolled into so few words.


Head-Fi is a knowledge-sharing COMMUNITY.  Downsize, myself, or anyone else here owe you nothing except a bit of civilized treatment.  We should approach each other with more dignity and respect than comments like the above show.


I already know that listening to some headphones does not make me a better electronics engineer, as surely as being a 95-year industry professional or having 15,790,248,573 posts on Head-Fi does not make me a more capable product reviewer.  I just try to offer what knowledge I have and hope others do the same.


Now, let's talk audio gear.

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