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I'm on a quest of sorts to try and find some more comfortable and good sounding pads for the AD2000, but it's not like I can afford to buy and try a bunch of different pads that may cost anywhere up to $100 and have an unpredictable effect on the sound. So I need help. If there was anyone nearby (I'm about 30-40 miles East of LA) who was able/willing to let me audition some different pads that would be excruciatingly awesome. Interested in things like pads from W1000x or W5000, since those would probably be easy to get in the US. This is probably a long shot, but A2000x, W100/1000, L3000, W2002, W10VTG, W11JPN would also be good, since they're all on audiocubes2. The Stax O2/SR-007 pads should fit as well. I think maybe Hifiman leathers could be a cheaper option, but whether or not they fit is just speculation on my part. Thanks.