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Epiphany Acoustics Atratus Reviewers

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Hi chaps,

Have a bit of time on your hands? Like hi-fi? Well why not sign up today to receive a review sample of our new Atratus RCA stereo interconnect!

I'm looking for fairly established members with a good bit of hi-fi experience. Having previoulsy written reviews is a bonus. The review should be well written, detailed and of a decent length (i.e. I'm not looking for just 2 lines).

If you are interested, drop me a PM or email and we can talk further.

Many thanks!
Oliver Freeborn

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I gave you an email about my interest!

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Oliver, I humbly submit my finest work for your edification:




One Head-Fier called it 'a triumph', another 'a load of old bollocks', All I know is that I came away with a lot more respect for the Head-Fiers who routinely churn out lengthy reviews. I think you'll find it an excellent cure for insomnia. 







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Crikey estreeter, that is a fairly thorough review! If you pop me off an email or get in touch via the contact form on the website with your details and address then I can get that sorted for you.


A quick thanks to everyone who has got in touch here and via PM - it is much appreciated!

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As you can tell I'm fairly new to head-fi and still learning about everything. I just recently made my first purchases and I am starting to understand my likes and dislikes. I am interested in reviewing these because although I am a newb, I believe I can write a pretty good review. Although I haven't done a review on headphones yet, I have done review on many other products that I have a passion for. I've been a member on several other forums with pretty good success. I am a new member hear but hope to start learning fast.


Thanks for the opportunity!

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