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BX8a speakers arent very loud. help?

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I'm still learning a lot about speakers and am new at audio period but I got some BX8a and they are less loud than my laptop speakers. I don't need deaf loud but sometimes its nice to crank some volume. Reason? I have an HP pavilion dv7 and am just plugging in the BX8a through a 1/4" to 1/8" cables.

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its two 1/4 to 1/8 cables that are brought together with a y adapter

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If I understand you right, it sounds like you're using a splitter then 2 1/8" to 1/4" cables. If that's so I think both of your monitors are running on the same channel (for example the left audio signal). That Y splitter basically sends the same signal to both outputs. What you're after is something more like this I think....





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Thanks! I've ordered one and hopefully that's the issue and not bad speakers.

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Interesting, those should be more than loud enough. What is your source? On board audio?

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If he's sending the same signal to both speakers I can totally see why he'd see reduced volume.You've increased the size of the load but not increased the voltage on the driving end. It's the same reason why if you're using a Y-splitter and have two headphones hooked up you'd see significantly reduced volume in the two headphones versus the one. To the OP if you only have one speaker connected...do the speakers appear louder?

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hmmm not really its about the same noise level. and yes its on board audio... this is what i could find on audio in the device manager:

IDT high definition audio codec and intel display audio

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RKB, spiting the signal for left and right will not have any affect on volume, it will be the same. OKB, I'm sorry to say but, on board audio generally is not that best. Regardless, speakers like the M-Audio's or like my KRK best operate with a high output (voltage) source, especially using balanced cables. A stereo connector is un-balanced, this means you are getting half the volume of balanced, hence the low volume. 


Though to do balanced, you will need a balanced source, such as an interface, I used a Lexicon Alpha, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/lexicon-alpha-usb-desktop-recording-studio can be had for around $60, not only will you have more gain, but you will have a cleaner signal and plenty of volume.


This may explain why balanced is better. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_audio_connector



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So that is something i definitely know nothing about (the lexicon alpha). how does that work? I plug the usb into my computer and the TRL cables into it and once i press play on winamp the music is transmitted through it that way?

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Feel foolish mentioning it, but are you certain the connections are secure? 

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The Lexicon, as any external pro audio interface hooks up via USB or firewire, in this case USB. On the back of the Lexicon is a left and right, and uses a balanced 1/4 connection that the M-Audion will accept. This type of connection will double the volume of un-balanced. Additional the Lexicon will have much more gain, i.e., give you more volume. 



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This kind of splitter: http://www.cellphoneshop.net/ycableadapter.html


yes i have a secure connection.

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Ok, You need to realize either method, you are doing the same thing, you are not really splitting the signal, but simply having a right a left cable, for the right and left channel, and that the connection is unbalanced. Using unbalanced is going to give far less volume than a balanced connection. Also you do not have as much gain. To achieve maximum signal, you need a balanced connection from a balanced connection, like the Lexicon.

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laptop onboard probley can't provide the required 2vrms unbalanced then you split the signal -3db and use unbalanced to balanced cables -6db your losing alot signal you should really get a extenal dac or something the lexicon is good theres also the emu 0404 usb, balanced doesn't provide more volume just less interference and much better grounding.

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