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Sennheiser HD598 Review from a Newb!

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Hey guys :) So I just picked up my Sennie's HD598 (I diden't know what  to choose between the 595 and the 598 but I chose the 598 since it's newer and is supose to have better soundstage, etc.

If you have any questions about the difference between the 598 and the 595, or anything related to both, contact me :)

So... Sorry for misspelling, any mistakes, anything... English is not my main languge :) Sorry for low quality images...

Artists used in order of times played (all from CDs):


Demi Lovato

The beatles

Some random house music.


So here we go!


First of all I want to say that the test was without an amp (not that it matters much since they'r quite low on ohm and they are easily driven).


They come in a very nice box! Nicley displayed!


These headphones come with a 3.5mm thingy, which is gold plater, and a 3 meter-long cable, 99.99% copper free. Some people say it's not really good or high quality, yet it IS ditachable (twist and pull) so you can always replace it with a higher-end cable.


Two things that disturbs me just a tad is that the whole can is coated with genuine leather (I think, it feels like genuine leather) that is soaked with something that will preserve it better, and it smells like silicon, and again, its coated with leather but the puffy stuff on the inside of the can, where your ears rest, is actually fabric. It's high quality fabric what so ever. Some people that has sweaty ears will do better with fabric, I guess, but I think leather is more pleasent to the skin than fabric. HOWEVER, these cans are quite light, and they are AMAZINGLY comfterable. The fabric thingy serrounds your ear completly, is very very VERY soft, the headband is nice and soft, everything is just amazing.

Some people think these cans are stylish and beautiful, but I think they're quite ugly. But that's a matter of opinion.


Moving on to sound



The treble is quite nice. Its not annoying, you dont get that ear hurting S from singers that are on cheap headphones, its quite rich and is heard very well and clear.



The middle is the strong part of these cans. They have amazing vocals, it's clear, its fast, its just perfect!


The bass on these cans is either a pro or a con. It's there, you can hear it, yet its not muddy or very.. "Boomy". Its perfect for people that like bass but dont want overkill bass like the stupid Beats.

Insturment Separation

Insturment Separation is just amazing. You can hear every single tone, noise, anything in the recording. When I put on these cans after I used the great sounding AKG K518DJ, I suddenly started to hear alot more stuff in the music. Just astounishing! You can hear every whisper, every drum, every guitar, every background singers that you didn't hear thus far!



The soundstage is really good. You can hear stuff like it's speakers. You hear vocals at the front, drums in the top, one guitar and one bass on each side, violets a little away but close enough, everything just takes a place! AWSOME!


Sound Isolation is actually quite good... When I heard music there was not much music spraying out and I diden't hear people talking at the mall, at all. So.. Yeah theyr isolating


Im gonna pick up an amp tomorrow befor they close, and pump up the volume :):) 

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Great and on-spot review 

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I like how you separated each aspect of the sound into sections, I usually get confused by reviews. Thanks!

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