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For Sale: FS: Sony MDR-EX90LP (Price Drop)

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For Sale:
FS: Sony MDR-EX90LP (Price Drop)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale are a pair of Sony MDR-EX90LP.  They sound good for the price.  $50 $40 + shipping (Pick up around Toronto area).


These were bought for my wife, but she rarely listens to music, so they just go sitting in the drawer.


I bought them 2nd hand from another head-fier, and the condition of them are quite good, comes original packaging..  There is a little nick on one of the earpieces, but is in overall very good shape.  The cables and the jack are nice and tight.


There are some reviews here:

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I suggest you put more pictures. There are lots of fake ones out there.

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Any way I can tell if mine are fake? I can take specific pictures.
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Originally Posted by ambchang View Post

Any way I can tell if mine are fake? I can take specific pictures.


Hey ambchang, I think this guide is porbably helpful:


I think the most important difference is probably that the metal will have a noticeable machine finish on a genuine pair. Metal machining is not cheap and I do not think that a fake would have the proper finish. If you can take high detail macro photos of the metal finishing that might help.


I'm pretty kinda curious to get a pair of these myself for nostalgia's sake so if you could upload some better pictures I'd appreciate it :)

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Thanks for the link.  i went through it, and seems like mine are real.


The Sonys do not sound like $300, but they are most definitely not crappy like $10 buds.


Also, the cups seemed to be machined, and the cable is  nice and tight.


The case is also nicely made. I don't get the leather smell, but mostly because it's a relatively old headphone.


I have attached some extra pics.











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It seems so many fake ex90, no one wanna take this risk. If you lower theprice, notice me. Good luck man
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I went through all the articles about fakes, and took detailed shots for others on this board who knows the subject, and can say with a high degree of certainty that these are the real ones.

I am not ready to cut the price further as I would rather keep them than to get rid of them for no good reason.


Also, if people have any concerns over fakes, please PM the seller first, it is frustrating to have people insinuating that what I am selling are fakes without any confirmation at all, and then potential buyers come in and are hesitant to pull the trigger because if all the post questioning their legitimacy.

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Hi ambchang, are you still selling these? thanks

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They have been sold a long time ago.
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