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ER4 fit

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OK, I think I've finally figured out how to get a reliable fit with my ER4Ps.

A few weeks ago, BB posted a message saying that the tips need to be angled upward into the ear so that the stems are pointing straight down to the floor and basically parallel to the sides of your face. That advice helped me out quite a bit, but I found that I still couldn't get the fit right every time.

Today I realized that not only do the tips need to be angled upward, but also angled forward--enough so that the stems are pretty much up against my earlobes.

Granted, everyone's ears are shaped a little differently, but I hope this is a useful suggestion to some of you having trouble getting a reliable fit with your Etymotics.
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Glad you kept with it. I do the lick-n-stick method. You can test the seal by pulling outward just slightly and you should feel a very slight sucking or negative pressure. That means you have a solid seal. But don't pull hard enough to break the seal. (Or hurt your ears.)

In a few days you will be so good at it that it will be second nature for you to get that perfect fit. You won't even have to think about it.

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Glad that helped you. I've had my Ety's for about a month now and have finally gotten really good inserting them-- typically less than 10 to 15 sec and they sound great with almost no fooling around.

Another thing that helped me alot is using water. The Ety manual suggests moisening each earplug with a little water in order to improve the seal. Though I find the biggest benefit of the water for me is that it allows the Ety's to slide more easily into my tight ears. Without the water, it takes a lot of force to insert them in far enough. With the water, they slide in deep easily.
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I usually listen to Ety's after I take a shower and clean my ears...but I would suppose this allows insertions to be quite easy. Also I clean rubber tips after every use which also IMO helps since insertions with fresh clean tips are always easier.
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