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For Sale: FS: Nationite N2 8gb - price drop

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For Sale:
FS: Nationite N2 8gb - price drop

Will Ship To: Anywhere

After having upgraded to the J3, I'm putting my Nationite N2 8GB up for grabs. Price includes postage and packaging, but buyer must cover paypal fee. Original packaging is not included, but a USB cable provided. Unit is in good condition, with only the usual small marks on back. See pics.


$32 / £2024 Euros


I'm based in the UK, so UK buyers receive my items in no more than 2 days. Europeans usually receive in well under a week (usually 3-4 days), depending on thier customs and local post service. US buyers usually receive in a week, again, depending on customs and local post service. See feedback for details.


Background Info


This impressive little DAP was purchased from a fellow Headfier around 3 weeks ago to replace my dying Clip+. I was surprised at how good this little thing sounds. To my ears it exceeds a Rockboxed Clip+, and isn't far behind a Clip+ / E11. The micro SD slot is a nice touch too.


On the flipside, the Clip+ easily beats the N2 in terms of UI and usability, the latter being quite unintuitive. That said, it's fine once you learn your way around it. The only genuinely annoying thing is that it forgets the track you're playing when you power-off, unlike the Clip+ which goes straight back to the song once powered-on. One other area where it trails behind the Clip+ is the screen, which is harder to see in direct sunlight than the screen of the Clip+.

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price is too high, for $35 everyone can get brand new cube c30, though, 4gb, but with decent iems included.
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What't the firmware version in it?

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