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For Sale: Samson SR850

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For Sale:
Samson SR850

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my pair of Samson SR850s because I am not using them now that I have my HD 598s. They work perfectly and sound great, but are just taking up space. They do have some damage to the headband (see pictures) which occurred when they were originally shipped to me. The headband was positioned poorly in the package and consequently ended up getting a bit bent. This does not affect how the phones sound and I have never felt that they were uncomfortable or any different while wearing them. It is merely a cosmetic imperfection, so if you are planning on using these in your home anyway since they aren't very portable, it is only a minor inconvenience. 


I do not have the original packaging or any accessories that may have come with it. All I have is what is in the pictures


The $30 include shipping and paypal fees.



I'm pretty new to Head-Fi, but here is my seller account on Amazon:


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