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For Sale: Smyth Realiser A8 (final price drop)

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For Sale:
Smyth Realiser A8 (final price drop)

Will Ship To: Anywhere




I have a Realiser A8 in very good condition that I hardly use.


It is the non-HDMI, non-upgradeable version. Works perfectly and comes with all original accessories. Doesn't include the Stax system, so it's BYO headphones, which shouldn't be a problem for most here.


Prefer Australian interest and direct deposit payment. Price includes local postage.  Pickup price (from Brighton VIC, or Melbourne CBD) is $1500.


For Paypal, add $55.


All inclusive price to USA is $1700 AUD (inclusive of express courier insured shipping and Paypal fees). If you're happy to have it un-insured, the price is $1660 AUD (I believe insurance only covers the Australian leg of an international shipment).


I will declare full value for customs, just so you know.


For European shipment, add $15 to the US price.

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Don't you have to have at least a measurement of your ears (done by the manufacturer) for it to work?

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Hi. Im interested on your realiser. Would you ship to usa ny ? I have paypal will that work for you?
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Eugenius: you do the measurements yourself with the microphones provided with the Realiser.


Dastex21: FYI you can get a new HDMI-capable Realiser in the States for $2900. Just saying... this one will cost you $2K AUD ($2070 USD) plus local taxes, and is not upgradeable to HDMI. Still want it?


I'm aiming the sale more at local (Aussie) buyers who would like to avoid our local tax and import duties.


Any further questions: please contact via PM.




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