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upgrade turntable??

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Hi everyone, new to this forum but here is my current setup

---Panasonic Reciever (not sure of model)
-Nakamichi 700 Tri Tracer cassette deck
-Pioneer PL-L50 linear turntable into a Rolls VP29 Phono preamplifier
JVC speakers (not sure of the model but they are okay)


I know all this stuff needs to be upgraded over time, but lately I got a turntable upgrade bug, just wondering people's thoughts on what would be better than this table used or new?

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Welcome to the forum vacuumnoise,


For any one to help you we need to know a bit more about your plans, what is your budget, when you plan on upgrading the rest of your kit, what you dislike about your current set up, what kind of music you like etc.


The more you can help us, the more we can help you. Sorry about your wallet wink_face.gif



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I was looking at a Music Hall MMF 5.1


something around $700 or less


also my speakers are JVC SK-S44's


I like all types of music, from harsh underground noise like WOLD or Halflings to jazz stuff like Miles Davis, Monk etc. to piano like Henry Cowell; to composers like John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen to poppy stuff like Roxy Music... I dont know I listen to a lot of different stuff...

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That music hall deck is a very good place to start and would be a great upgrade. What I would suggest is you try and find a used one in excellent condition. Stick to trusted audio sites and you should be OK. Speak to your local dealer they may have an ex demo or something.


The money you save can go towards upgrading the rest of your kit when you have more funds.

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thanks, yeh I am looking and $aving

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