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Klipsch s3 vs Brainwavz m2

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I recently went to radio shack and purchased a pair of Klipsch s3's for $40 because I kept breaking sets of meelectronics m9's. Through my research I have found another set the m2's are very highly regarded and can be had for $50 pre-ordered. Is it worth it to take back the s3's and order the m2's? Or will it make little to no difference? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Really depends what kind of music genres and signature you prefer. I own the Visang RO2 which is very similar sounding to Brainwavs M2 according to ijoker from his reviews. They have very forward mid range taking the front seat, decent punchy bass and slightly laid back highs. However if it's bass you're looking for I would recommend the SoundMAGIC E10 for $35 over the RO2 / M2 which carry's a similar signature as them both but with a stronger, heavier bass imo. It's not bass that over powerings everything, it's just more solid with the E10 giving extra punch /  weight. Then again I haven't heard the Klipsch s3.

It really comes down to personal taste. 

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