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recommendation for a close headphone

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hi guys


i need a recommendation for all around headphone

with afew needs:

im going to use it in my work soo i can use them for 12 hours a day and im need them to be as much as comfortable as they can

my use for the headphone going to be mostly music (jazz, rock and nothing that use too much bass) internet radio and computer games


there are 2 headphone i am considring: shure 940 and sin hd598


for the moment it seems like shure 940 are wining for me as it seems they are better at the sound quality and after wearing them for abit they seems also as comftreble as the hd598


im very "noobish" in the headphone area and would really like to get your recommendation for the 2 headsets and maybe even anew one at the same (and maybe even less?) cost



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The Sennheiser is not a closed can so you may want avoid that if you are concerned about sound leakage.  At a similar price you could look at the Denon D2000 or possibly the Beyerdynamic DT770, both are extremely comfortable although they can both get a little warm after extended listening.


If you plan to wear cans for extremely long periods of time I would advise testing them prior to buying or find a supplier with a very good returns policy and ordering both.  I have not listened to the SRH940 but rate the a very capable set of phones on a smaller budget.


Good luck



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