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mrhee. when you get to dealing with the outer finish for the tiger maple. consider concentrated liquid dyes. It's a great way to put an even and easy but still deep tint to the maple. The link below shows an example. they used 2 colors and tinted it to taste. Then a thin clear coat over the top.





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@ thelostMIDrange WOW!  thats freaking amazing!  thanks for the tip.  i was kinda bummed that the tigermaple looked so plain.   i'm definitely gonna get some dyes now and try that out.

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yes, the tiger figure will POP. plus you can tint it to your desired color and darkness level. The dyes are a bit pricey but they are so potent you can do a cup with a few drops. one or two bottles will las a lifetime.

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It has nothing to do with the plastic , it's the wider opening at the end of the cup, opening everything up: bigger wider sound stage bigger an defined bass and cleans up the mids and the highs.

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Interesting... I'll have to try this with mine...

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Hey when your done testing all these woods are you considering parting with any of them?  I bought wood cups for my SR80 drivers which were not a close fit at all, I was sanding them down and broke one of my cups :-(  


I came here looking for information on making my own, but looks like i would need to buy a bunch of wood working equipment...

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