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For Sale:
MHDT Havana DAC w/ ART Legato USB-SPDIF Asynchronous Converter

Will Ship To: CONUS


MHDT Havana Dac with ART Legato USB-SPDIF Asynchronous Converter, price includes paypal fees and CONUS shipping.


I'm the original owner of both units, they were purchased directly from the manufactures in August, 2010.  The Havana has an upgraded WE 396A tube. 


This combination makes for a great little Computer-As-Source Redbook(44.1) NOS setup.


I believe everyone knows about the MHDT Havana DAC, but may not have heard of the Legato converter.  The Legato is an asynchronous converter, using Streamlength technology developed by Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio.  It only operates at 44.1 kHz.  I used the Legato because the USB input on the Havana is not asynchronous. 


Well anyway, you can read about the Legato here and here is a Positive-Feedback review of the Havana