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For Sale: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite w/ Elpac

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For Sale:
HeadAmp Gilmore Lite w/ Elpac

Will Ship To: USA

3/19 update: SOLD


$275 shipped FIRM within the USA only. Will not ship to any other countries for any reason. I will also include, at no extra cost, an option for 1 CD from my personal collection of mint-condition gold CDs from Audio Fidelity, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, or AudioWave/Blue Note (which average $30 new - some of them are also discontinued now).


I'm the 1st owner of this amp. Bought new from HeadAmp in April 2009, after its price had increased to $399 (from $349 in 2007, which itself was an increase from $299 in 2005). Comes with the Elpac wall-wart AC adapter. Condition rates at 9/10 on the Audiogon scale - excellent, no visual defects.


This was obviously among the last Gilmore Lite amps made before they were discontinued in 2010 - serial # is 1435.


I reserve the right to refuse to sell to potential buyers who have 0 posts on Head-Fi.

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great amp from a great guy!

(and the above respondent is a good guy as well)

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