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New headphones for workouts

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Hi there, first post but I learned a great deal from lurking on these forums many years ago after which I bought some Etymotics. Those have been great for the travel which is a big part of my job.


My problem is I am doing a fair amount of fitness training these days, and I find the Etys continue to slip out of my ear canal so I am looking for a full sized set of cans and as I haven't got much of a clue apart from knowing some of the major players (Sennheiser, Grado, Sony etc) I thought I would post here as my needs are a bit particular.


I am looking for obviously high quality headphones musically with a well balanced rendition of music - I listen to a very wide variety of musical styles but most of what I listen to is modern (e.g. rock, club, alternative, dance etc). Source material is .flac or .aac files and listening off an ipod (although I may upgrade to something else and re-buy a headphone amp one day-I have had one of these but believe it or not left it on a plane when I was too jet lagged to remember what I was doing).


Secondly after the musical quality I would place comfort. I want something light, which is relatively low profile, and which is relatively well isolating in terms of creating a separate acoustic space. They should fit snugly on my head and not slip around when wet and sweaty.


Finally, budget is something around 150-200 dollars.


Lastly in case it matters, I live in Switzerland.


Thanks for any and all comments,


Dave M

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Nothing else comes to my mind right now. Portapros don't have enough clamp to stay on your head, and AKG K518 are not that good sounding. The split headband on the HD25 makes them stay on your head well....

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Thanks Headzone,


Yes, I read the Inner Fidelity review on the HD25-1 II and this one is definitely of interest to me.


Thanks again,



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My $0.02:  I don't think I'd be happy with a full sized headphone for working out.  I'd think they'd get too hot & sweaty around the ears.


FWIW, I use Shure SE215 when I work out, they go over the ear and that holds the phones in the ear quite well.  I would think that any IEM that goes over the ear would have a similar effect.



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I use the Motorola s9 bluetoothed headphones for work outs. Small and light. The S10 are garbage so try to hind the S9 or S9hd.
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 I own the Jaybird JF3MB's they're awesome at the gym... If you're trying to spend the big bucks they the JF4MBL's they also look awesome

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