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For Sale: Electric Avenues PA2V2 SOLD

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For Sale:
Electric Avenues PA2V2 SOLD

Will Ship To: ConUS




Selling the famous PA2v2! 

Great little device that can basically drive any dynamic headphone you throw at it (even the hd800!)! Known for its fun PRAT, it produces a clean, tight sound that will bring you back for more


Ive had this.. not really sure less than a year and have a good number of hours on it but i find that im not much of a portable person (not a fat joke!) and will be putting it up for sale. Great for those on the move or those who dont want a big desktop amp taking up their space. Easy to use, not very expensive and just a cool little device to have not to mention, its built like a freakin tank!

This was my first hifi purchase and its sort of weird letting it go...


Price is total price including shipping and fees.


Thanks for stopping by,



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lol yes. sold.


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