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For Sale: FS: HD-600 Canada/US

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For Sale:
FS: HD-600 Canada/US

Will Ship To: CAD/CONTUS

I bought these HD-600s from a fellow headfier here about this time last year. They are in great condition still, exactly the same as when I bought them.



There's minor paint chipping along the edge of the headband, everything else is perfect. The pads are worn though, not in need of immediate replacement, but they are noticeably less firm than the brand new pads on my HD-650s. The pads are softer, and have more give to them. Personally I actually find them to be the most comfortable headphones I own regardless, no clamp, and they're nice and soft.   




I  have a Cardas cable that came with the HD-600s when I bought them.  I believe it was the previous owner or prior that covered it with tech-flex, and some black heat-shrink to secure it. It was cracked and not really well done so I stripped it off. There are some cosmetic marks on the shielding from the tech-flex, and a bit of left over heat-shrink that was glued to the plug, but other than that, functionally it's good.


I also have a brand new stock HD-650 cable, it's been used maybe 3-5 hours total. Rest of that time it's been in the box.


I do not have the original packaging, but it will be securely packed and padded in another box.


Looking for 220CAD shipped within Canada with the Cardas; 210CAD with the stock HD650 cable. If anyone's interested in the Ottawa/Kanata area  local pick-up/meet-up could be arranged. I can also ship to CONTUS, but shipping will be more expensive.


Paypal or EMS only. 


Sorry for the crappy pictures, only have my phone :/



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