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For Sale: FS: Cambridge Audio Dac Magic - SOLD

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For Sale:
FS: Cambridge Audio Dac Magic - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere



For sale is my Cambridge Audio DacMagic.


Highlights of this DAC are it's dual Wolfson WM8740 chips, selectable filter (linear phase, minimum phase and steep filter), and sampling rate indicator.


I purchased this DAC from another head-fi member a few weeks ago so I could compare it to my Peachtree Audio ESS Sabre DAC. Turns out I couldn't tell them apart so I've decided to pass it on to another head-fier who might like to try it out.


This DAC is in like new condition without a single mark or blemish. It functions perfectly as new. It includes the original box, packaging materials, manual, and all accessories (as shown in the photo above).

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Bump for a great DAC. This one is absolutely flawless and $100 less than a new one.


If someone is looking for a complete, compact desktop rig, I can also include my JDS Labs Objective2 amp (including AC Adapter and high quality interconnect cable) for $100 more. The Objective2 is also in flawless cosmetic and functional condition - not a mark on it. The gain selector switches between 1X and 2.5X gain.


I am not interested in selling the amp by itself. But combined with the DacMagic, it is a terrific desktop solution that is very resolving and neutral sounding.









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Hi Mate,


I'm based in Sydney, Australia and would snap this up in an instant. Unfortunately I'm an electronics noob.



Would you know if this would work in Aus, alternatively what the voltage specs are as I'd love to confirm if it does as I'm very interested.


I searched Cambridge's website with no luck!




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Hi Asiri,


The DacMagic will work anywhere in the world. The DacMagic runs on 12V AC via external power supply (wall wart).  You can see it in the last photo.


US plugs are different from AU, so you would need to purchase a 12V power supply. Yours will look similar to mine except the plug will be different. It will look something like this...



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