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Bought Denon AH-D7000's off Ebay. Are these new or are they refurbs?

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Hi everyone,


After reading so many gushing reviews about the Denon D7000's I finally decided to take the plunge and found a new pair of the headphones on Ebay. I'm really happy with the sound and they complement my Graham Slee Voyager amp very nicely.


However, I can't help myself when it comes to tweaking with any equipment I buy and so I was looking into the 2mm foam pad mod to stick in the earpads, rather than go all out and invest in the Jmoney Lambskin pads right off the bat.


However, I was a little disturbed to find imperfections behind the right pad once I removed them and I've attached photos of the problems.


I definitely didn't cause any of these problems when removing the pads. I was ultra careful and didn't use anything metal or pointy getting the pads off. Just the palm of my hand.


What do you guys think? Are these just manufacturing issues that Denon have chosen to ship the product with or are the headphones a refurb sold as new?






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I am VERY familiar with Denon -- all their lineup as well as their packaging. 


How was it packaged? Every Denon box can be unpackaged and repackaged very easily. That said, those imperfections seem a little suspicious, but if you could provide more detail, I could give more insight. 

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When it arrived it seemed to be as I would expect a new box to be. The headband had the securing plastic sticky strips and the cord was tidily wrapped and tied with plastic/wire ties. There was even wax paper over the top of the headphones when the large lid was pulled off. As far as I was concerned there were no tell-tale signs of pre-ownership. However, I didn't mention before that the left headphone is also a little loose compared to right, which feels a little substandard, but considering they are held on by spring clips (I expect) I reasoned I could live with it. However it seems to have got a little looser since using the headphones over the last 4 days or so, which alarms me a tad. The serial number placed under the earpad on the left headphone matches the one on the box as well.


Essentially, alarm bells aren't going off. The seller sent me a scan of a receipt as the year's warranty is with them and they have a good rating in the high 8000's. I would rather the headphones that I feel I have waiting 25 years to own were absolutely spot on, but feel free to tell me that I'm being too picky.



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Well i would say when it comes to buying off ebay, its a crapshoot as to what you'll be getting and the condition. I would be pist if i bought these from an actually authorized seller and they were in that condition, but since they were refurbished (used), my forgiveness for the defects would be measured on how much i paid for them.

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No, they were definitely sold as new. I have contacted the seller over these issues. No response yet, but it is a Sunday.

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Check out my unboxing.  Mine are new and from a Denon dealer who is a good friend.  


Not in the video, there was white foam wrapping around the entire box.


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Those imperfections are pretty odd, I can't imagine what someone would be doing to create any of those problems.

What did you pay for them?

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