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That plug looks like it will fit. Most 2.5 mm to 3.5mm cables will fit but will need to have some rubber shaved off near the prong to go in all the way on the 3.5mm side. The cable in the pic there looks like it needs no shaving similar to the senny hd210 cable in my pics earlier in this thread. That being said i have never tried it.
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I've tried various ways to straighten up the cable, including keeping the cable in boiling water and straightening it, baking the cable in oven, it will never fully straighten. I'd suggest you don't even try. Waste of time and a cable, that you might use sometime in the future (because the cable itself is quite good, the idea to use it for the headphones and don't give an alternative isn't).


So after some battling I made the cable myself using 4mm cord, some japanese mini-jack plug (not sure about the brand), a spiral recycled from old cheap chinese jack plug, and the default micro-jack plug that's attached to headphones, I somehow managed to hide all the soldering inside of the part that's attached to headphones, made sure the cord won't be easily wrested out (using heat shrink tubing and some glue), and here it is.


The cable is about 1.20m long.

The headphones sound great, and look quite well imho.




Good luck with your cables. ;)

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They claim to be the "official" Sennheiser parts place and they have the coiled cord replacement.


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Originally Posted by Mumlan View Post




MFI = the cable with inline iPhone/iPod remote and microphone.

Standard = the clean straight cable.


The only difference between these cables is the very small remote/mic, they have the same length and thickness.



anyone knows where to get this in europe?

or a similar light replacement without microphony? (1.5m would be perfect)

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Does anyone know if the B&W P3 replacement cable would work too? It's a few quid cheaper: http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/b-and-w-p3-replacement-1.2-metre-black-lead.html

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Probably needs modification.

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Do you think the P3 cable needs modding even though the P5 ones fit without mods?


I'm tempted just to try them anyway.

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I have the HD280 and the HD380 with the coiled cable. I thought it was cumbersome and a little annoying until I bought the ATH-M50s (straight cable). The M50 cable is about 3m long and is a massive overkill for day to day use. My solution was to plait it. Which brings it down to about 1.2m but it is now heavier and not as pliable. I wish I bought them with the coiled cable now. Never mind, my HD380s are better anyway.
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Yeah, its better to cut it shorter and terminate the cable with a new plug.  You can turn the leftover into an extension cable with a female connector or use to make a new, shorter cable for other headphone(s).

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I've had my HD 380's for 3 years now and the comfort and sound are perfect, but because of the cable i keep finding myself wasting money on other headphones and cables.

For awhile i used a 2.5 to 3.5mm converter jack from ebay and a spare Dre Beats cable, this worked fine but i really want something that just one cable.


So can anyone confirm if the HD 518 cable works?

This is the one im looking at on ebay but im not sure if the 2.5mm part will fit, it looks slim but as its metal i wont be able to trim the size down like you can with rubber cables.




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That actually does look small enough.  Going by the photo, the 2.5mm plug's casing seems to be slightly smaller than HD380's.

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Here's a good option for a replacement cable for the HD 380 Pro. Good build quality, not too heavy, braided, different lengths available, sounds good, not at all expensive. It comes from China but didn't take long and the seller is very friendly and helpful.

Check it out: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261255113290
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That one will probably be problematic to some degree for not having a right-angled 2.5mm plug like the stock cable.

Unless you do some probably irreversible modification(s).

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Actually, I ordered that Chinese cable from eBay and also found that it works great with the 380 HDs with no modifications. After you remove the original cable, there's a long channel for the plug—the replacement cable's plug slides straight in at right angles to the headphones.


Also I can confirm everything Stuee says: lightweight, well made, arrived in the US 10 days after I ordered. 


And the Sennheisers are much more comfortable without that big heavy cable weighing them down. 

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