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Getting offered a used Sennheiser HD570

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Hey everyone, my friend is offering a lightly used Sennheiser HD570 for $60 to me. I heard they have a pronounced treble which I actually enjoy, but after looking around, I can't really find anything on pricing. Are they a good deal at that price, or should I skip over it?


Oh, and this don't suggest anything else like them to me, I'm just wondering if this is a good deal.

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Anyone know anything?

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Hi, the hd570 is a discontinued headphone, and I  guess from many years.

60$ is exactly the same price amazon is selling them as used.

Try them, if you like them , take them.

Don't worry about the "true value" of sound, because what you like is what matters.

There's countless example of people unhappy with the hd800 treble, and they are not exactly cheap.

Forget price tag, listen to your hd570.

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Alright, I'll see about auditioning them sometime this week. Didn't see it on Amazon before, thanks.

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Well, since I had the day off from school, I decided to pick the HD 570's up. These are my first good quality over-ear headphone, and I'm honestly amazed. The treble is simply fantastic! I'm hearing high notes that I didn't even think existed. My other quality headphones are V-moda M-80's, and it feels like the highs are so recessed on the M-80's that I can barely listen to them. I just listened to Adam's Song by Blink-182, which probably isn't the kind of music that Sennheiser thought would be playing through these, but it was amazing.


Everything else is also great, especially comfort. The HD570's are one of the few over-ear's that are comfortable for me. My ear is usually irritated by having it being touched by whatever is in front of the driver (cloth, plastic) but there's no problem here. So glad I decided to go for these. Thank you extrabigmehdi for the encouraging words!


EDIT: Also, I'm driving these with a Schiit Asgard.

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I own a pair of HD570s, and I love their comfort. While I'm more drawn to the sound of my Shure SRH-940s for any critical listening, I find the HD570 sound perfectly  good anytime I just want to tune out, and their amazing comfort makes it easy to do exactly that. These are my go-to headphones any time I want to watch a movie or play video games without disturbing my better half, or when I want to listen to background music while doing work.


I've found that amping improves sound quality, but it's not strictly necessary. I've listened to them out of an iphone 4 and the result is passible. I also regularly listen to them out of the headphone jack on a Samsung LCD TV, and the bass starts to get a little sluggish, but as long as I'm not watching a movie with an artillery barrage or something similar (i.e. deep thudding bass), I don't notice much.

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I own a pair, and like my previous 2 pairs of Senns, they begin to fall apart. Cords,connections, shoddy internal wiring..and of course the insulation foam and foam grills disintegrate depending on model over time.


My 570's are about to be the third pair that will get tossed.


That being said, they are comfortable and sound good for under $100..


I would never spend big bucks on Sennheisers considering the poor workmanship I've seen on their middle models.


Meanwhile, my 25 and 32 year old Stax cans have not aged a bit and never needed a single part replaced. 

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