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Universals Modded with Recable or Removable Cables! ***Sony MH1 Recable added! (Fischer Audio DBA-02, Brainwavz B2, UM3X, Sleek Audio)

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Recently I made a trade and acquired an older set of Fischer Audio DBA-02's.  It still had it's original twisted cable, which had become unruly and obstinately stiff (a previous owner had re-terminated it with a straight Neutrik connector) but was still in good working condition.  Due to the cable's stiffness and usage with ear channels, the cable had also acquired a couple of tiny splits that would eventually, over time, become worse (you can see some electrical tape over those places in the pictures). 


Fischer DBA.jpgFischer DBA-3.jpg


Being slightly OCD, I had decided there is no way I'd ever use this DBA with the unruly cable, so I began to search the internet for someone to recable it.  Then I remembered spkrs01 thread about how he found someone to "crack" his W4 and install Shure removable cable connectors and I was determined to find someone to do a similar mod to my DBA-02.


In my searches to find someone stateside that could perform this mod, I stumbled upon Brian of BTG-Audio: http://btg-audio.webs.com/.  Brian thought the idea sounded interesting and was willing to attempt the mod, if I was willing to take the risk.  Considering these would just collect dust if I didn't do something, I sent them Brian's way.  He was able to source Westone/UE sockets and pins and planned to make his own removable cable for it.


Fischer DBA-2.jpg


To be continued...

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I originally contacted Brian on March 6 and today, March 16, I received back the completed mod.  An original Fischer Audio DBA-02 with fully functional removable cables!


RC DBA-4.jpg


The cable in the following pictures, is the new cable Brian made.  I'll need to experiment with the heat shrink he applied on the connectors to get the best fit for my ears.  All the pictures so far are compliments of Brian.


RC DBA-3-2.jpgRC DBA-2-2.jpg


More thoughts and pictures to follow, once I've spend some time with it.

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Post 2 updated with completed mod pics.

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Looks like he did a very nice job.. Looking forward to reading more about them.
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Nice! I thought about doing something like this in passing when I opened up my DBA-02 in preparation for its reshell... It looks good! Keep enterprising!

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Thanks for the heads up and mention on this thread, looks like a great jobbeerchug.gif.


I will follow this thread avidly!



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That looks pretty good man. I have an idea I might have to pursue after seeing this. Looking forward to more of your thoughts.

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Coincidentally, I had been pondering this idea ever since I saw spkrs01s thread were he got his W4s taken apart to place Shure connectors in them. Doing such a mod doesn't seem hard on the manual aspect, but I did think getting the connectors will be the main issue. Surprised there was no gap on the bottom there, looks like a perfect fit.


For "upgrade" cables, graphs need to made in regards to how the IEM cable changes with more or less impedance. There's a lot of nonsense in the cable upgrade realm, a newer cable can also be a downgrade regardless of whether it is silver or copper plated since some IEMs like having more impedance while others don't. Mainly in a lot of cases  it's a matter of finding a nice medium of impedance that can best be found with a combination of both graphs and real-listening.


I know for a fact that the ADDIEM gets a flatter bass and that enables more midrange clarity with more impedance. Also it's peak at 2-3k is lessened , though the treble pretty much stays the same. When you add a p-to-s adapter to it (78ohms), its bass gets as flat as the ER4Ps. With 20 more ohms it's somewhere in between it's stock bass levels and the flat levels it gains with a p-to-s adapter (78 ohms). If via actual listening one finds the addition of 20ohms more natural than stock and the 78ohms,  you can recable with a cable that has 20ohm resistors and you basically have an ideal upgrade cable. 




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That is awesome. I have been searching everywhere for DBA sound that had removable cables. I was going to pick up a refurbished set of DBAs from gd-audiobase, so I might have two that I'd send his way if he'd be interested in taking my money. I only see details for paying for the cable itself. How much does he charge for the mod?


Okay I found the page where he references your project.




So was this $35 total? Or $50 when you include the cable? I'm not sure what he means by 'specialty plugs.'

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Specialty plugs are the pin connectors that go on the cables to fit in the installed sockets. Adding the cable and shipping/handling brought it just under $60.
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Am excitied to have these almost within my possession.


@ -y0- I don't suppose you could loan me your Twag2? Ha... nah, just kidding. I have a Moon Audio SD on the way, silver DIY in the pipeline as well as my ASG cable. Will post my impressions in a few weeks.


Thanks again shotgunshane for a great deal on these.

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Well I decided to sell the DBA's and Nulliverse bought them from me.  I shipped them out Friday, so hopefully he'll have them in a week or so's time.  Ultimately the DBA's analytical sig wasn't for me.


However Brian's mod job was excellent and can definitely recommend him for anyone considering doing this, especially with DBA's.  His cable work is really good as well, and also have him making me an iPhone LOD to use with my O2 amp.  The sound of the DBA was the same before and after mod, so no worries or altering anything.


I'm sure Nulliverse will be updating this thread once he has them in hand...

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I think IEMs with removable cable is a great idea. Lots of time cable breaks at connection points (at either driver side or TRS plug side). With removable cable, all you need it a new cable.


Two cables of my Sleek SA6s died after about a year of light use. Brian (Pingupenguins at Headfi, brian.goto.audio@gmail.com) managed to save my SA6s for cheap. Sound is as good as before. Note the cables shown in the photo are still removable.




I also have some full size headphones (Creative Aurvana Live) that have been modified by Brian to be "wireless". Basically, they are modified to have a single entry cable that can is detachable a female TRS jack at one driver cup, plus a Sansa Clip integrated into the headband of headphones:




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Well, that was the quickest I've ever received a package from the US - credit to Shotgunshane.


These sound great with this cable. I don't have my old un-modded set to compare to, but I'm certain that I've never before thought of the DBA as an exciting sounding phone. The contrary, hence me forwarding it on! Perhaps it's all placebo, or my tastes have changed, but these have EQd  really well (my usual bump up, way down low) and sound great. I could have sworn my standard pair distorted when I tried this. 


I tried the ASG-1 cable briefly, which presented as overwhelming bright, sucking out all the punch. This was drastic enough for me to think that I'm perhaps installing it incorrectly. Is there a specific way round that the pins should be inserted?  Yup, cable newb here...


My Moon Audio Silver Dragon should arrive this week. Now that, I am looking forward to trying. I'm also having pure silver quad braid made, which will be equally interesting.


Will keep you all updated.

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Awesome, glad to hear they got to you quickly!
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