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For Sale:
Russian 6H30P-DR Supertube for DNA Sonett (and others)...

Will Ship To: Continental USA

I have for sale one brand new, unused, genuine Russian 6H30P-DR Supertube in it's original box. These ultra-premium, super-rugged NOS tubes once sold for $200 each at (now out of stock) and are the perfect upgrade for your DNA Sonett - or any suitable power amp for that matter. These tubes were not manufactured after 1988 or so, and most of the ones found on places like ebay nowadays are fakes. Mine were purchased from a reputable dealer in NOS tubes (Aleksander Petrov). My DNA Sonett has been re-tubed with the wonderful 6H30P-DR, and this is one of my extras. I have excellent buyer/seller feedback at Audiogon ("mutant"), ebay ("seldomblu"), and Audio Asylum ("genungo") - so buy with confidence. Thanks for looking

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