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Music you listen to to relax.

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I started compiling a playlist of all the music I listen to when I just want to relax, and I found it kind of interesting picking out the songs that fit that specific mood for me, so I wanted to see what other people like to relax to while enjoying their high-end audio setups. It can be certain songs, albums, parts of albums, artists; whatever you like and find relaxing. Here's some of my list:


Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

-Empire Ants

-On Melancholy Hill


-Plastic Beach

-To Binge

-Cloud of Unknowing


Gorillaz - Gorillaz

-New Genius

-Man Research

-Sound Check (Gravity)


-Slow Country



Gorillaz - Demon Days

-El Mañana

-Every Planet We Reach is Dead

-Don't Get Lost in Heaven

-Demon Days


Pink Floyd

-Dark Side of the Moon (skipping "Money")

-The Wall


Dream Theater - Octavarium

-Sacrificed Sons


Santana - Supernatural (skipping "Love of My Life," "Smooth," and "Corazon Espinado," just because I dislike these three songs)


Solo piano by artists like Yiruma, Rob Costlow, and several others.


Motley Crue - Bittersuite


Apacalyptica - Bittersweet


The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (lots of good songs with some variation of "bitter-sweet" in the name lol)


Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

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Great idea for a thread.


Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of Sleepers

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper


Simply amazing psyambient trance. Everything CBL does is great, but those two albums are their pinnacle, I think. I listen to this when I read since there's minimal vocals and it's easy on the ears, but it's by no means boring.


Hammock. Every single album of theirs is worth listening to, though I particularly like Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an Echo and Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow. Hammock is like minimalistic Explosions in the Sky played in slow motion. Hammock are about the softest artist that I would consider post-rock.


The American Dollar - Ambient One, and Ambient Two. Not really sure how to describe The American Dollar, except as a much more subdued and creative God is an Astronaut. Their other ablums are a little heavier, but not by a lot. All of them are worth listening to.


Kings of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Street and Quiet is the New Loud. Two amazing albums primarily played on acoustic guitar. Very Simon & Garfunkle-ish in style. Back when I worked a first shift job I would pop in one of these albums in my car while on lunch break and I'd promptly fall asleep. Best naps ever.


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Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Beck - Sea Change

Bob Marley - Legend

Radiohead - Kid A

Radiohead - OK Computer



Anything by:


Jack Johnson

John Mayer

Ben Harper



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I Love Yoga (set of 3 cd's)

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I usually listen to a bit of experimental rock or progressive to relax. 


Circa Survive

The Dear Hunter

Dream Theater



The River Empires


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For me, lately it's been Barton Hollow. A great listen and incredibly well mastered!!

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Lemon Jelly

Kryptic Minds

Pink Floyd- The Division Bell

Robin Guthrie


-just a few off the top of my head

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Four Tet



Deadmau5: HR 8398 Cephei, Faxing Berlin, Strobe, Waking up from the American Dream, Arguru, Unspecial Effects, Slip, Brazil, I Remember

Above & Beyond: Good for Me, On a Good Day, Sun in your Eyes, Prelude

Nickle Creek

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon


Modest Mouse: The Moon and Antarctica


Aphex Twin: Flim

Kid Cudi

Lupe Fiasco


Kaskade: Seeing Julie, All that you Give, Empty Streets, 4am, I Remember

Daft Punk: Voyager, Veridis Quo, Too Long, Da Funk, Daftendirekt, Around the World, Something About Us, Nightvision, Digital Love


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