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I think the emotiva will be a nice transport. It will also be on sale around the holidays.
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Originally Posted by tim3320070 View Post

I think you'll find just about anything will sound great- I use a used $25 Pioneer CD changer via optical to my (similar) system and it sounds very good- it's hard for me to tell any differences between inputs.


I had a cheap TEAC (CD-650), which worked well but lasted less than a year. I would like to get something that I know will last.

It seems that every CD and DVD player that I have bought (less than $200) doesn't last that long.


They are becoming a commodity and at those prices there is little if no support and costs (in many cases, including shipping) more to repair them.


That is why I was looking at something that was better made and more importantly had some decent customer support. Maybe I could find a good player (used) on Audiogon and save money as well.


Thanks very much for the response.


Originally Posted by mtntrance View Post

I think the emotiva will be a nice transport. It will also be on sale around the holidays.


A few great things about Emotiva is that they make quality products for less money and they have great customer support. I have two of their amps as well as their DAC (XDA-1). While I am not super happy with their DAC as a pre-amp (see previous post) and looking to replace it with the Audio-gd Ref 10, I do think their ERC-2 would make a nice transport. 


Maybe they will announce the ERC-3 and lower the price even further. If I can get it under $400 during the holidays, I think this would be my first pick.

Emotiva gear is like a Honda. It runs well, it is well built, there is great support, and you can sell them when you need to. There is a fairly big cult following.


Thanks for your response and suggestion.


Looks like the Audio-gd Ref 10 is going to be my X-mas gift to myself this year.

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Thanks, I have ordered reference10,
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Originally Posted by Alanaudio View Post

Thanks, I have ordered reference10,

Good choice.  The Ref 10.32 is my fourth head amp and third DAC from Audio gd and so far the most impressive for my tastes.  Also because the PMK1704 chip is limited I think King-wa's DACs with them will retain a strong resale value on down the road. 

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Using the Ref 10 as a pre-amp, can I run TWO output stages simultaneously?




XLRs out to AMP 1 (which drives my mid/highs)

RCA out to AMP 2 (which drives my woofers) 

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I'm sure they're both active simultaneously.  I don't have a ref-10 but I have many other AGD products and in the ones that I have the RCA's and the XLR's are shorted together so it's the same signal going to both so it's the same as just using a y-adapter.

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Hi guys,


I use a pioneer DVD player with spdif on the ref 10 but the sound isn't very good. My computer on USB (foobar with KS) sounds far better. I didn't try better transports yet but I think I can make an improvement here.


I used my previous DAC, NFB10SE balanced (XLR) to my speakers and the cinch output to a crossover for the subwoofer at the same time. It worked well so I gues you can use them at the same time. I suppose there will be a little influence on the sound quality but I didn't check it.



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Hi, My reference 10 has just arrived. Every part of the sound is good till now, but the bass seems not in my expectance, it's fast but not deep(my headphone is d7100).
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That's a problem with your headphones, not the amp. 

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Hi all, I am wondering how this would be with my HE-6? I asked in the "what amps can drive the HE-6" thread however basically no response there. Seems strange that this brand has next to no presence in that thread, considering Audio-GD have several units that look capable of driving the HE-6 well. Is anyone able to shed some light on this pairing for me?

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Look into the Master-8 (amp only) thread as well, it's very powerful.

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Well, after burn in for 20 hours and increase the volume to 9, the bass start to come out.
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Very close to pulling the trigger on one of these. Would still love to hear from anyone with experience of the Reference 10 and HE-6 pairing before I do grab one.

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Ah well, I've taken the plunge on one of these, so I guess it will be me feeding back on how I find the HE-6 with the Reference 10.

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