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Originally Posted by Schiit Tech 
Sounds like you got an older manual. Sorry. The site is correct.

Nick T.
The PDF Valhalla's page looks like it's the same as what I got, but I checked the specs page again, at it does say that the 6N1P's are rollable. Good to know.

Anyway, I am using the 600's, and it sounds pretty great. I am not using a Bitfrost (at least not yet).
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Does the Valhalla combine with the 600s to give a smooth, open, full sound? I sure don't want bright or brittle.

Thanks for any more thoughts.
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Originally Posted by Rusty143 View Post

Does the Valhalla combine with the 600s to give a smooth, open, full sound? I sure don't want bright or brittle.

Thanks for any more thoughts


The Valhalla paired with the Uber-Bifrost is an absolutely stunning pairing with the HD600/650. You won't get better in the price range and you can spend way more and still miss the mark. 

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Just got my Magni and Modi from FedEx today.  I'm using them to drive my HD 598's and, hopefully, a fair amount of my headphones in the future.  I'm pretty new to this, but I have noticed a nice improvement over the E07K I was using.  It sounds like the soundstage opened up more, and it seems like the clarity improved a fair bit.  So far, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

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It's not obvious on the Schiit site unless you're looking for it, but there is an optical Modi available now. I just ordered one to replace the Audioengine D1 that is hooked up to my Apple TV.

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Which one would be a bigger step up in SQ, going from Modi to regular Bitfrost, or going from regular Bitfrost to Uberfrost?
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^^ Modi to Bifrost
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Nice to see an optical option vs USB for the Modi. I'm sure that will make a few people happy.
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Originally Posted by Traum View Post

^^ Modi to Bifrost


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Cool, thanks guys! I found an European vendor selling some of Schiit's products, and Bitfrost had quite nice price. Maybe I'll pair it with BH Crack, if/when I decide to get one.
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I have a question that maybe someone could answer here.


Looking for input on how the Asgard 2 sounds with DT-880/600. I had a Magni, but sold it because it was a bit to bright when paired with the DT-880. IMO


I have seen a few people say that the Asgard 2 is warmer sounding than the Magni.


Any input would be appreciated.



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How do you guys handle the Modi when not playing music - unplug the usb cable or leave it on?


Vali comes with a switch, so just turn off the switch and it's easy. But Modi does not have a switch, and if you do not unplug the usb cable the light is always on...

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I had the Modi on 24/7, the light was always on but it was behind one of my monitors so it didn't get annoying or anything.


That said, my Bifrost Uber arrived today, and I am very very happy I took the leap. I didn't think the difference would be that major, and maybe it's just placebo and hype, but I'm definitely in love with this thing. I'm pretty sure this Bifrost Uber + Asgard 2 is my endgame, or at the very least going to be my setup for a long long time to come.

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Hi guys,


Has any of you tried using a preamp with the valhalla? whay is your experience?


for digital sources I'm planning to use


Source -> Audio GD fun (as dac & SS preamp) -> Valhalla -> Cans


and for the TT either


a) TT -> DJPREII (phono amp) ->  Audio GD Fun (as SS preamp) -> Valhalla -> Cans




b) TT -> DJPREII (phono amp)  -> Valhalla -> Cans


I'm wondering if a) is not too long? :confused:


One of the advantages of going with a) is that I could still use the  FUN as the main amp for my grado's. I've read mixed opinions regarding the match of Grado's and the Valhalla. Also all the sources could be selected from the preamp (Apple tv, CD/DVD/BR/SACD player, TT, USB). Otherwise I must put splitters before the Valhalla.



Valhalla and T70's on the way. Other headphones are HD650s and SR225i.


What do you think?





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