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Looks like your wallet is going to empty filling up that rack with gear.  :biggrin:

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Originally Posted by Tuco1965 View Post

Looks like your wallet is going to empty filling up that rack with gear.  :biggrin:

Hopefully not to badly. 

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So my Schiit stack arrived yesterday, when I had initially made the order I had forgot to add the RCA and the USB cables to the order, got them added but they were not included in this shipment so were shipped separately. I'll have to scrounge around and see if I've got some RCA cables or build some new ones tonight and scrounge up a USB cable and try them out.

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After listening to the HE-500 with the Gungnir/Mjolnir stack at home, I used the same HP with the Bifrost/Lyr (in the office). Man, was that a let down. Same songs sounded congested. Anybody have a similar experience ?

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I have the Lyr and it does not sound congested. Tube do make quite a bit of difference.

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Small update, while listening to it 

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Just wondering, why isn't your Schiit stacked? Its sort of rare to see an un-stacked Schiit.

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Originally Posted by nfslmao View Post

Just wondering, why isn't your Schiit stacked? Its sort of rare to see an un-stacked Schiit.

Technically it is the magni is above the modi, But they are not on speaking terms right now anyway, magni is having more fun with the yamaha anyway

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Off topic, but I would like to give a shout out to Jason and the guys at Schiit.

I ordered some cables online and got the wrong ones. I had them shipped here to Middleearth, and thats when I discovered the mistake. Emailed them once and got a reply from Jason almost immediately. He was at RMAF, yet found time to respond! They sent me the right cables and shipped them all the way here at their cost -and they let me keep the other set (I did insist I would ship them back but they said no)! I will keep that money and spend it on future orders with them! Have since given them to friends to use on their systems along with the story of Schiit's great customer service.

On a related note, cannot wait for the Vali to become available. Itching to add that to my schiit stack.
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I have had similar experiences with Jason and Schiit. Super responsive. They are really helpful and always bend over backward to give the best customer service. I couldn't ask for anything more. Hats off to those guys!!

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I agree too, I have been in contact with him about upgrading my Bifrost to the Uber and he has been very helpful and fast to respond. Even provides some humor here and there in the responses!!


I would never hesitate to deal with them again, and I plan it eventually....lol

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Has anyone used Fiio D07 as a DAC for the Asgard 2?

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Also, is the Asgard a good amp to drive the HE-500?

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Jumping in, have to admit I haven't gone through the 234 pages of posts...


I'm happy with my Lyr/Gungnir stack. I thought to go to Mjolnir as well, but none of my sets are balanced...for now. I run my HD600, K702, and He400 with this setup. My one gripe was a slight hum/buzz that I was able to get rid of with a small device that also helped with my tube/hybrid integrated amp that I use for computer duty. I can share the model/maker if anyone is interested, for the device. I had tried various things but this nailed it, doesn't seem to take away from the sound.


Just really happy with this setup, which is funny on the surface when you think about it. Tubes, solid state, and digital. Like others I have to search for the power buttons on the back, but for every device there's something.


Next up, maybe some interesting tubes from the past...

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I've been gone a while... I went back about 10 pages then gave up.  Is there any news on the new Schiit that is coming out?  I'm kinda in the market to replace/upgrade from my Lyr.

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