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I have the combo with uber sounds amazing
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I also have the Uberfrost/Lyr combo.  It does sound amazing.

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What phones I have the 500s goes well with them
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Originally Posted by tuna47 View Post

What phones I have the 500s goes well with them

i have the alessandro ms2 and grado ps500

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Originally Posted by Tuco1965 View Post

I also have the Uberfrost/Lyr combo.  It does sound amazing.

if i keep the bifrost i will definitely get the uber upgrade

the peachtree is pretty good though

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My 600s sing with great recordings.  Looking forward to a good session this evening.  L3000.gif

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Originally Posted by wahsmoh View Post

I was in the same boat as you pal. I was scared at the thought of buying an external DAC since I already own a "high-end" soundcard (HT Omega Claro). My first investment was my DT880 that I purchased after Christmas for over 30% off ($250) and then decided to throw my money at an amplifier. I ended up going over the end of my "budget".

Asgard 2: $250
Uberfrost: $500(open-box brand new via Ebay)
DT880 recabled(MSRP+cable): $500

Now, I'm perfectly happy. I can't see how I could find improvements unless I moved to Summit-fi and opted for an LCD-2 or HE-500 and aim for a complimentary "bass" headphone. My DT880s aren't lacking in weight either now that they've been recabled, talk about a "punch" like a closed subwoofer on my head.

you could tube roll with a Lyr, or start building a crqack OTL, or S.E.X or BA22. You gotta get your perspective in order. The order says there is no end and it always can be better.
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Looking to upgrade to a Lyr shortly from my Magni to go with my Mad Dogs which I will eventually upgrade to Alpha Dogs when Dan makes the option available.


Tell me this head-fi, is it worth it to upgrade my Modi ---> Bifrost? I do all my listening via computer. Has anyone switched out a modi for the bifrost in a lyr setup and noticed a huge difference?

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I owned the HT Halo Claro. I thought too it would be impossible to have better sound. A friend lent me a Meridian USB DAC. I was blown away by the sound. The improvement is not minor. I then purchased a Gungnir and in the meantime I got the Asgard2. Wow am I amazed at the sound quality. I am glad my friend brought over the Meridian. I realized how bad a PCI sound card really is. 

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I difference should be noticeable. I compared a Modi to the Gungnir and there is no contest. I am using DT990 headphones just in case someone would like to know. The Modi uses an opamp for the output gain stage. Opamps are inferior to discreet components that are used in the Bifrost and Gungnir. 

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What cable did you use to re-cable your DT880 headphones? I would like to do the same for my DT990 and balance them so I can get the Mjolnir in the future. 

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Originally Posted by Erukian View Post

When is it trolling? He was responding to a specific question about whether it's worth it to pay extra for cables.

This is just my two cents, but it seems like anytime someone expresses their opinion about cables on here where they're a non-believer they're automatically trolling. If they're a cable believer they're seen as sharing their experiences because cables are SO subjective nobody will tell them they're full of BS. Aren't double standards fun?

No, it takes a trained ear to hear. Some care to take this path, others don't. That is the end of the argument.
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Originally Posted by bigjohn1 View Post

Hey Jason-


I know it is not a normal part of your operation, and you focus on the amazing technology and products that we all love, but how about making available for purchase some Schiit swag (i.e. t-shirts, hats, etc.)


I, for one, would love to be a walking bill board for your products to show my loyalty and happiness with your products. (and by walking billboard, I mean a 6'4", 50" chest walking around Dallas with a Schiit logo on a shirt would be exactly that) dt880smile.png


Please make sure to produce some in XXXX for me eek.gifbiggrin.gif lol

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Originally Posted by Defiant00 View Post


You mean like these?




eek.gif  They only go up to 3X  frown.gif

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Originally Posted by jmsaxon69 View Post

This whole price doesn't equal performance is such crap or all of you would own Magni/Modi and that would be it.  It's not a way to negate "bang for the buck", there are some good sounding cheap stuff out there, does the stuff that costs 2 or 3 times more sound better? Most of the time it sure does, of course SOMETIMES it doesn't, but rarely. 


The cable thing still baffles me as well, but I guess if you can't hear it then don't spend the money.  How can so many idiot audiophiles just want to blow large amounts of money on cables if they make no difference? How can these companies like AudioQuest and Kimber Kable still be around?


The excuses are lame.  Actually buy a good $200 to $500 interconnect and listen to it for a month and then hook up what you were using and let me know what you hear......



Listen to what you are saying "We are proud to be ignorant" Really? Is that what you want to be?


My friend, I am not professing ignorance, nor do I wish that upon others. I was simply stating there are many reasons why people do the things they do. Some people are stubborn, but I suppose it is their choice to be stubborn. Some people are stuck in their particular situation in life, and so their choices are limited. Some people choose to be frugal. Why should that upset anyone else?


For those who are unable, it isn't their choice. For those who are unwilling, perhaps it is their choice, and perhaps not. I just don't see the purpose in being mad at them. Perhaps it is the case that they don't realize that they are unable or unwilling, and so argue their positions in that way. All that anger will do to someone in that state is to further solidify their positions.


I am also not advocating relative truth. Facts are facts. But many things in this hobby depend upon perceptions, and those perceptions may change. It is a mistake to argue over perceptions, as if they were facts.


So, yeah. I own a M+M stack, and I really like it. Do I think it's endgame? No. It's what I can afford for now. I will not trouble you with the events in my life that cause me to spend a whole lot more than an M+M stack on my ex wife or kids, but I have priorities. Would you get mad at me for having priorities? Gosh, I hope not.

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